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August 22, 2005



(From The Blog in his travels.)


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Really? This is so informative, thank you!

Wow! Pretty gutsy whipping out the old crapcam in front of a urinal. You'd be suprised how many guys are sensitive about that! Well, I was suprised, anyway.

Does that happen alot? How come that wasn't on the British list of annoyances?

You know that old saying about people who can't pee and chew gum at the same time ...

Whew! Glad the reflection is just a silhouette of Dave taking a photo, and not, uh... y'know.

Looks like a terrorist plot. Its unsigned!

... although, Dave's left hand seem to be out of frame down below. Multitasking perhaps?

People need to be told this?

"Pull out the F-Stop to make the P-Go"

Lou: I was just about to mention that very thing.

uh, duh. and thanks Lou.

I don't know... I kinda like the minty-fresh scent of a big wad of double-mint in the urinal. It enhances my experience (plus, it gives me someplace to aim).

P.S. - Just a tip, urinal cookies aren't really cookies. (You'd be surprised what a half a dozen shots of Jaegermeister will do to your judgment)

This gives new meaning to the term CrapCam.

That water sure is cold, and deep, and... what the? Gum! I hate when that happens.

Minty Fresh ~ You'd be suprised at how many people are not surprised at what half a dozen shots of Jaeger will do to their judgement. Because - surprisingly - they drink it again.

Did that make any sense?

At least they're not banning pennies.

... but it's okay to put a penny on the urinal.

The sign above every urinal at one Dallas bar says "Objects in hand are larger than they appear."

As long as dining establishments can still put ice in urinals, the world can go on turning.

So, this STILL doesn't give us any clue as to WHERE Dave has gone....maybe he's entered the Witness Protection Program and we aren't SUPPOSED to know...the red cow barks at the blue moon. You KNOW what I mean.

Well, Swoosh, we may not know where Dave is, but one thing we do know is that they speak English.

What I'd like to see are signs above urinals (and toilets) that demonstrate how to fluch them.

Not so sure about Schadeboy.

Observed on a men's room condom machine: "Don't buy this gum--it tastes like rubber!"

In the reflection, Dave's shirt almost looks blue. It's also not entirely clear what he's doing with the hand that isn't holding the camera.

No gum??? My hubby and his friend always reminisce about the time they played drunken urinal hockey with a wad of gum. The guy between them was not amused.

"Drunken Urinal Hockey" WBAGNFARB.

Am I the only one to see the shadow silouhette of what I hope to be the Crapcam photographer in the reflection of the sign? Luckily it only reflects from the waist up.

Gum isn't so bad.

I mean, it's better than when they put lasagna in there.

One of these days I'm going to think to myself, "Maybe I should read through my own post before I actually hit the Post button, just to be sure that there are no spelling errors!

I'm thinking that will probably not ever happen, but it might.

Fluch in my post above should be flush. I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

I hate soggy lasagne.

Ok, one hand of the reflection is on the CrapCam - the other?

Homer:Goodnight! [waves and walks offstage, still wearing the dog suit. Homer walks into the bathroom, steps up to the urinal, and does his business. The dog on the motion capture screen imitates this, as well]
Zip-a-rooni ... oh, yeah. Urinal cake eroding ... eroding ... eroding ... gone! [audience cheers wildly. The rest of the family looks embarrassed]

*makes note not to touch Lab's penny jar*

I agree there should be a sign, but how about: "Hey, you thoughtless moron, ANOTHER HUMAN BEING has to reach INTO the urinal and pull your gum out! THINK!"

Right after Dave took that pic, the screen changed to read:

"Tips are appreciated!"

Seen in a men's bathroom:

"Please do not eat the mints in the urinal"

It's better than: "Please do not put gums on urinal. Thank you."

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