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August 23, 2005


So there's no way we'll get away with posting this, is there?

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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That's disturbing in so many ways.


Wait. Yes there is.

Okay, is anyone else totally creeped out by the old guy in the wagon. That just makes my skin crawl.

judi! I was eating lunch! (note past tense)
* puts lunch away *

There's so much wrong with that. I'm creeped by old wagon guy too Charlotte...eek!

*clicks link and utters curse words for IT department blocking access to the site*
*reads comments*
*sends thank you note to IT department for blocking access to the site*

Wheee! See my skort flap in the wind when my Radio Flyer goes down the hill!! See small children (and adult women) run in terror! Wheeeee!

Mrs. Swoosh, I think you should note: adult women dragging their children in tow. He has a very creepyesque vibe.

Get away with posting what? Are you trying to skirt the issue?

Does a warning need to go with that? I can't get into it as the filter here at work has blocked it due to "Adult content".

No really sly, it's a site for "skorts" for men and 2 pictures - one of a hunk wearing a skort, and one of an old guy wearing a skort and sitting in a Radio Flyer wagon - very creepy!

Cover the children's eyes!

(Sees the 407 area code and shakes head at the realization that yet again Florida reveals its true side)

There is only one way this could be worse--That is if he is wearing a Clay Aiken thong beneath the getup.

He could be silicone enhanced. That would be worse.

I thought a 'skort' was one of those weird skirt/shorts hybrids that women wear?

Oh, and Mr. Radio Flyer Skort is seriously creepy!

"...If a man does wear a skirt, you're very much aware of him as a sexual presence..."

Maybe. Depends on who the "you" is.

Aagh! Judi! Thanks for the nightmares I'm going to have for the next month and a half!

It is qetzal, and please amend your comment to some women! :)
I'm sure none of the blogettes would be included in that category!

do they have ironing instructions so they won't get skort'ched?

Great. My 8yo saw it over my shoulder. Now he wants a Radio Flyer wagon.

Be glad that's all he wants.

And golly, the site gets even better if you venture beyond the front page...

I'm just glad he doesn't model the briefs as he does the Catholic schoolgirl skirts, and the variety of pleated skorts, and the translucent sleepskirt, and, OMG, the "retro" section.

I'm going to go pray for new eyeballs now.

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