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August 19, 2005


"Slightly less than I want to eat paté de foie gras."

(Thanks to Amy)


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First, and not especially.


Good one, Judi!

You're soaking in it right now..

*zips in with hands on hips*


What kind of a newspaper is this anyway? They used the word turds!

I for one am shocked!!!

*hee, hee, I said that word*

*blushes and zips out*

Canada geese hang out at the beach and overnight on the docks leaving behind large bacteria-laden turds. Some end up in the water, dissolve and create a nasty tea.

So someone actually tried to drink it? I'm sure 'nasty' is the understatement of the day, if not the week.

Haneisen: Do you want to swim in goose crap?

bbescuela: Do you want me to force feed you pig testicles with a manure spreader? ...Well, keep at it then.

"...Revere Beach, which was closed for weeks this summer due to raw sewage pollution, re-opened two weeks ago but nobody is going to the beach. Why?"

He has to ask why? Even my 4 year old daughter knew enough to get out of the tub when her 3 year old brother pooped in it (you might say that she realized "the poo-poo level was again too high")

[I speak in the past tense cuz they're 6 and 5 now, and my daughter now refuses to bathe with her brother - I think it may be because he surpassed her acceptable poo-poo level]

Congrats, Amy!

Good one!

"Get ahead of the poo-poo curve".. *snrk*

"Ron Haneisen and Nasty Beach" mightbagnfarb

I'm not sure, but this
might help.

Kudos to the author for fitting the phrase "poo-poo" into his article.

. o O (I kinda like foie gras)


Someone just found Babelfish....

Is that Babelfish spam, Mrs. S.?

I gotta get a new search engine. My routine search for "poo" didn't turn this one up. How am I supposed to stay up to the minute on goose poop news if the Internet won't work? I sure can't count on the media to provide unbiased information on this critical subject.

M. S. fkas-

thought me now was fish babble it

people are suddenly talking like master yoda - did i miss something?

TCK - missed things you have not. Normal this is. More beer must you consume.

This has been your "long-distance aunting" tip for the day.

P.S. All your Babelfish are belong to us!

OK Aunt Nancy, but I'm thinkin' beer may not cut it - this looks more like a rum & coke problem (was looking for an excuse to sneak out of work early anyway)

Ever notice that when anybody steps in poo , like dog or goose poo , the motion with which one rubs the shoe into the ground to try to wipe it off is universal ? It's like laughter ..a universal cross cutural language that knows no bounderies ..You can always tell when someone has stepped in it ..I think it's beer 'o clock here in the Buckeye State ..

Have you had your Weed-eze today?

Beer I have not. Long at work I am. Fish that babble do bubbles blow. May the force be with you (and also with you) (and I dare the Catholics to deny that every time someone says "may the force be with you" they want to use that reply). Alcohol need I, in quantities large.

Weed-eze - not just for breakfast anymore?

TCK - *major snork* ROFL!!!

To those who just posted in Yoda-ease ~ I think I may have just popped my dissolvable stitches snorking, but it was worth it. Thank you.

Ugh. That lake is not too far from me. I should let them rent my dogs to chase away the geese. They (the dogs) do an excellent job de-geesing the golf course when we go for our walks.

louis - sorry, I prefer my sedatives in legal form.

TCK - If you'll share the rum, I'll make you the best pina colada smoothie you've ever had.

Is this an example of what happens when you establish a public beach on a major Canada Goose flyway? I guess a Canada Goose has no rights in Framingham.

creates "a nasty tea"?
"helps cook the stew"?
alla sudden m'uh "mudslide" don' wanna stay put.

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