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August 18, 2005


Here is today's Britney update, featuring both Moroccan brisket AND some kind of scary red mind-control unit.


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yes, but it has nothing to do with britney.

"The meal was topped with a cake in the shape of a Moroccan pot with a baby peeking out." Is this referencing the Pygmy story?!? Perspiring minds want to know.

One would think a mind would be necessary for mind control to take effect. Just a thought

/end snarkiness

“Even the packaging on some of the gifts was heartfelt."

When even the packaging is heartfelt (WTF?) then you know your party was a success!

"She’s ready to take on motherhood"
thot she did that when she married kfed. by now she should be a pro.

Packaging was heartfelt.Did they have the Chippendales?

Can everyone mentioned in this story follow Kevin's lead and make themselves scarce, like, for the rest of my life?

I can't bear to read the entire article. Does it explain whether they caught the guy that stapled an apple to her head?

But did they get a Diaper Genie????

"The meal was topped with a cake in the shape of a Moroccan pot with a baby peeking out."

That was supposed to read that Britney was topped with a cake in the shape, etc.

this may be a new hollywoodesque baby shower game that us non star type people don't know about. thank goodness.

and one more thing, since my blog opportunities were so low today, is she having an african baby?! what fun!

The meal was topped with a cake in the shape of a Moroccan pot with a baby peeking out.

Am I the only one who finds a baby in a pot, then cutting and eating that baby odd? Especially for a baby shower?

DrEm: Of course there's weirdness going on! It's a story about Bratney, ain't it?

Off topic: I bought my computer one year ago today.

"The Mind-Control Units" and "The Diaper Genies" both WBGNFRBs!

OK, I give. How does one decorate for the theme of 'emotional Moroccan'?

Mike "M.D." Weasel - to answer your question from a bizillion threads ago: I'm testing to see how hard it is to type with this stupid brace on my wrist. Answer: typing with a brace is an annoying pain in the neck, and a real pain in the left hand.

"and Kevin’s mum, Julie, was saying that they’re so happy Britney’s a part of their family,” which she followed with several "cha-ching" sounds.

continuing the off-topic stuff: It's going to be sunny and hot, including a heat advisory ("Hey, Genius - it's hot!"), today in D/FW.

(NOTE: the following contains multiple links)
Speaking of colorful headwear, anyone see a resemblance to THIS talented singer?

MOTW, I had no idea that there (not their or they're) were so many websites dedicated to the Fruit on Her Head Queen. The internet is truly a wonderful place.

MOTW - what about this talented singer?

"Someone ate the baby - what an awful thing to eat!
Someone ate the baby, though she wasn't very sweet...
We'll give away her toys and clothes,
We'll never have to wipe her nose,
Dad says, 'that's the way it goes!'
Someone ate the baby."

---Shel Silverstein

Aunt N - whassup with your wrist?

Maybe the bb gun guy wasn't even aiming for the photographer -- he just couldn't resist trying to shoot that goofy apple off Brit's head.

Jillywilly - I hyper-extended the ligament in the lower knuckle of my left thumb. Doesn't sound like much, but it really aches, and I have to wear a wrist brace to prevent aggravating the injury. As if the injury wasn't aggravating enough. I mean, how stupid is this, I hurt my thumb and I'm stuck in a brace for 2 weeks. Grrrrr.

hyper-extending anything sounds painful, yes it does!
Hope you get to feeling better soon, Aunt Nancy!

No one has yet commented on the etiquette crime she committed. She hosted her own baby shower???

That's just tacky.

FleaB - do you know anyone else who would have been willing to set up a bamboo tent, thousands of rose petals, and hundreds of candles for her?

MOTW - Thanks for the well wishes. And as for your question, I think that there's enough gum-chewing, mall-shopping, brain-dead teenagers out there who would, if called upon, donate their allowances to buy a candle or a bag of rose petals or something for poor pregnant little Britney. What a nauseating thought!

A.N. - Feel better soon! No more hitchhiking for you, missy!

If only Kevin Federline would "make himself scarce" a little more often, the world would probably be a better place..

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