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August 22, 2005


Time to start your Christmas lists.

(Thanks to Matt Dana)


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He didn't say "I'm Aiken to see you in my new thong."

(and a good thing,too)

So who, exactly, besides Clay Aiken, would want to wear these?

EYE BURN ALERT!!! Ick. My contacts just popped out on their own volition so I wouldn't have to see that. Ouch.

I've also thought Clay Aiken bore something of a resemblance to Barry Manilow. Which made that all the more painful to see.

Incidentally, that should be "always," not "also."

I think Clay Aiken's thong was talking to me.

Excuse me while I go wash.

Ugh. He's actually THANKING us for looking at his thongs for sale. Kinda gross.

ewwwwwww. bleah. uck. that one should have had a warning. gonna be a lotta eyewashing out there.

Horrid thought: Maybe BM will start selling a clothing line in addition to his beautiful jewelry...and if he already does I really don't want to know about it.

Hey Maud...you out there? OK - think about this thread, and the picture of my dog...

Now when you laugh at funerals, it really is my fault.

I guess we should be grateful he didn't actually model them himself.

I hacked into Clay Aiken's website inventory database, and this guy just bought out all the "Size Small" that they had in stock.

Aunt Nancy, please, I'm begging you, this must stop. I'm now obsessed with trying to decide which way around Judah should wear this delightful item. Cause if he wears it the way it's presumably intended to be worn - if it were intended to be worn by dogs (as perhaps it is) - that delightful little rose, or heart, or whatever the embroidered bit is, wouldn't be visible, and that's really what gives the item it's, uh, je ne sais quoi . . .

So I'm thinking he should wear it facing the other way - the thong, not the dog, but maybe him too - with perhaps a pooper pouch with matching embroidery.

Nobody I know better die anytime soon.

Separated at birth?

My dog's penis is bigger than his.

Can we say penis?


*(wrestles with the disturbing image of Mr./Ms. Aiken in said garment)*

One thing of which I am certain : There is no scandal forthcoming betwixt he and Paula Abdul.


For you.

That is AWESOME. Lots of "Thanks to"s lately also.

Rock On.

Maud - I'm laughing so hard right now that all my neighbors are watching. And the windows are closed. I promise to stop if the rest of the blog does. ;)

Amy - way, way too funny!

Almost as disturbing as the plastic surgery boy.

Actually, that's exactly what I did when I saw the picture of plastic surgery boy!

"Punkin Vomit" WBAGNFARB!

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