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August 22, 2005



(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Hey... speak for yourself! First?

Scott, looks like that sign may be addressing you directly.

I KNEW there were cameras in those urinalcakes!

So many people seem to be having problems going to the bathroom. I don't remember needing so many instructions. Maybe someone should make an 'Idiots Guide to Peeing' or something if there exist that many problems.

"Pissing for Dummies!"

*Now comes with Re-Usable Target!

It's Monday. Some people need to be retrained after a weekend.

Flamingogirl... I'd rather have bazooka than a sniper rifle any day. Aim is over-rated.

It's not the length of the barrel but the caliber of the ammunition that matters, right?

Besides... I always remain seated until I'm done. (Oops... did I say that out loud)

if women's public restrooms aren't any cleaner than men's than I don't blame women for not sitting

At work, we had a problem with guys diddling on the floor in front of the urinal. So one co-worker put up a sign, "It's disgusting to see urine all over the floor in here. Guys, do like they do in baseball: if you've got a shorter bat, stand closer to the plate."

Perhaps this would help. From Gizmodo, a while back.

Women going to the bathroom is a performance only if there's a guy standing in the outhouse tank looking up at you.

Eggy - I actually own THIS handy game.

Not that I've used it or anything...

Although the "adjustable range-finder" is a hoot!

Eggy2 and Higgy ~ I'm sure the splash from using the games would more than make up for standing closer.

Whatever happened to the old poem
"If you sprinkle when you tinkle,
Please be neat and wipe the seat" ?

And a favorite:

"Welcome to our OOL.
There is no "P" in it -
Let's keep it that way"

this sign is from a unisex bathroom?

Scott~ Something like that. Though, from what I know, that's just something that women tell men to make them feel better about themselves. Kind-of along the lines of, "yeah, but she's got a great personality."

Obviously, they've never heard of a standing ovation.

Somewhat on topic:

Guys that diddle on the floor in front of the urinal: Please help me understand HOW YOU MANAGE TO DO THAT!

Lab - usually it's from hitting the back of the guy in front of you, but there could be other reasons.

I always liked this one:

We aim to please
You aim too, please

I'm a little concerned that the Blog keeps taking his camera into bathrooms. I mean, that could look really bad.

Observed written above a urinal: "Why are you looking here? The joke's in your hand"

i'm late. sorry.was actually having to do some work. all the good stuff's been said. but who came up [sorry] with urinals in public toitys - i mean, do you know anyone who has one at home? are they luxuries?

queensbee - the idea behind urinals is that they would resolve the issue of men peeing on the seat, since they wouldn't use the toilet for peeing anymore.

of course, it doesn't work, since, for reasons buried deep in our DNA, we all go over and pee on the seats no matter what.

You wanna talk messy? Any guy who had a brother close to his age has had, when they were both little boys (I hope), at least one "swordfight." THAT's messy.

Bill: TMI.

It's a performance all right when you're down in a sewer looking for your wedding ring. (So I've heard)

ugh, tonight I was waiting in the women's bathroom, and an (apparently semi-drunk, or just plain stupid) woman came out of one of the stalls, with her skirt entirely tucked into her underwear, which she proceeded to dig out in front of a couple of her friends and several strangers. That was pretty amusing, but I was next in line, so went into the stall she vacated only to find out she pissed all over the seat. 'Hoverers' stink, royally. They're so worried about placing their precious bottom on the "dirty" toilet seat, where it belongs, but the primary reason women's toilets are ever dirty in the first place is idiots like that pissing on the seat rather than planting their butt.

For heaven's sake, can't you at least wipe the seat after you do it? Especially when there is a line, and the woman after you had to see who did it? I was really tempted to go call her on it after I got out.

Living with a guy, at least his sprayed urine is under the seat out of my way, and very occasionally on the floor.

Amen, anon! I don't know what these women think they're going to catch if they actually make contact. The only thing you can catch from a toilet seat is crabs, and that sucker has to be so infected you see them bouncing around (ew!), so these stupid women with bad aim need to suck it up and sit on it (as per the Fonz), or at least learn how to wipe up after themselves!

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