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August 18, 2005


Sid is loose. But the Perky 69 News (yes, "69 News") Team is on the case.


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Sid is "NOT YOUR TYPICAL DOG OR CAT" - noooooo, she's a 13 foot python - she EATS your typical dog or cat

Is that a Sid in your pants, or are you EXTREMELY happy to see me?

It's like losing a girlfriend

They've apparently left out part of that story. Must be saving it for ratings sweep.

A 69 NewsTeam had better be perky!

Snake looks cool...but what happened to the web page? Anyone else getting a funny-looking spread??

"...or a part of you."

The long, slithering, 13-foot part. Whatever that may be.

"...if you walked up to her and you didn't know she was there, she would snap at you, but she wouldn't kill you."

yeah, but i think the heart attack would `pert near do the job.

If you walked up to a 13 foot python and didn't know it was there..WTFBBQ?

Has no one thought to check the mailbox or the UPS truck? That's where you normally find snakes, isn't it? I would think that our federal government would have some sort of snake-catching information clearinghouse to assist local law enforcement in these difficult times.

P.S. Also, grab a shotgun and look in the toilet.

you've covered it well, slyeyes.

I love the 69News Motto:

your Life, Your World, Your NEWS

The only way it would be better is if they folowed that with, "Your Welcome!"

I guess you need some hyperbole when you are trying to reach an audience of non-cable/satellite viewers and you are so far down the UHF dial.

Well, you can tell they aren't from Florida. This sort of thing would only warrant news attention if the snake actually ate someone, and someone indicted at that.

Also, is it just me or are these people especially font of CAPS and placing random numbers in front of direct quotes?

It's like they know they are the only ones that will ever view the site so they said, "Hey, I know, let's mark the tape on the site, that way we can save it on the server".

How can you understand them with their mouths full?

69 News. Best ratings ever.

I suppose the same people that find children and the elderly being trampled as funny find snake news items as the same. I don't. I also suppose these same people would think of me as a fifth columnist if they knew what it meant.

Not all of us who think the helpless being trampled enjoy snake news items, and we resent the implication. In fact, I think you are the fifteenth columnist, if you count how many people have posted before you. (Some people are soooooooo clueless).

Oh, and neatfreak, I am getting a funny looking spread, but that could be because I'm approaching 40.

I'm too tired to be funny today, but I would just like to say, Mrs. Swooshman, if you're out there, thank you for the frozen washcloth suggestion. I can only take pain pills with food, and I've been sick to my stomach to the point where nothing's staying down, so I've spent half the day with two frozen washcloths tied around my head with a scarf Jacob Marley style. And thanks again for all the advice and good wishes everyone. Goodnight.

Miss Mumble, Migraine? I use Imirex injections. Works so fast you don't have time to build up a good hurl. Pricey but cheaper than begging for Demeral at the ER.

Louis, neither you nor I are columnists. Just like Dave!

The 69 News Team went down. Bloglet overload of their server is one explanation.

Sweet dreams, Mumble-Bumble. Some things are better slept through.

I Hear Dread People~ Guess you missed out on the mile long comment section yesterday. :-) I had my wisdom teeth out today. I've never been prone to migraines, thank heavens.

I've been contemplating 15th columnistness and the math is just beyond me.


"Mumble-Bumble" WBAGNFARB, as would "The Frozen Washcloths".

Huh-uh-huh, huh-uh-huh, Maud said "went down". Huh-uh-huh.

And of course: "Snakes. Why did it have to be snakes?"

It appears the whole 69 team went down on Maud.

God bless you, Mumble/Bumble. I won't share my story, just hang in there, thank goodness it's a one-time thing.

Bumble - you have my deepest sympathy. I had my wisdom teeth taken out (a long time ago) and the first thing I did when I woke up was bawl my head off. Get well soon, young lady!!!

"Fifth column refers to any clandestine group of people which works covertly inside of a nation to undermine its strength (psychological warfare) while the nation is simultaneously suffering an overt attack by a foreign power or another faction in a civil war."

on now i get it! you're a subversive working for geraldo rivera.

I like the 69 News website.

JS: At 42, I'm old enough to remember when Geraldo Rivera was a respectable journalist.

Monster - I got a few more years than you and don't remember Geraldo ever being a responsible journalist. Must have been a brief interval I missed.

"...wow, that's a big snake."

All men just love to hear that line....

Bumble, you are quite welcome. I actually got that suggestion from my oral surgeon when I had mine done. I hope everything went okay and that you'll be feeling much better soon!!! Mrs S

Cheerleaders: Sixty-nine, is divine! Sixty-nine, is divine!


I wonder if that's how he lost his girlfriend.

re: geraldo ... at least dave is funny on purpose.

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