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August 18, 2005


I have a professor, who is quite possibly the nicest man I've ever met in my life, and will undoubtably play a huge role in getting me into grad school.  On the other hand, he looks like this:


Is it OK for us as students to make fun of his mullet?

-- Dilemma in Davidson

We'll defer to Mr. Aristotle-Gabr.


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I say yes, although I'd be more inclined to make fun of his goofy bug eyes.


It is not only OK, it is your Duty!

i said duty

And anyone who can read (and understand) his bio without going bug-eyed themselves completely deserves the title of Supreme Mugwump of Geekness.

He looks like he is someone who can take a joke. Either that or he is sitting on something sharp.

I hope everybody noticed that, not only does he have a mullet, he is also a mime!

You folks may also be interested in seeing his mime web page.
And yes, that's my prof...

It's North Carolina; that's just the way they look there.

Dear 'Dilemma in Davidson'

It is always correct to make fun of any one who wants to "... motivate the importance and potential cost(s)...' of anything.

Dang, Martha. You haven't motivated my importance since last week!

And I thought Fortran was now taught in the Dead Languages Departments in colleges.

Are we sure that photo wasn't taken in the late 70's or early 80's?

(Pondering Missed Possibilities)

Too bad to see that he is married, (on the mime page). Based on the first photo I had thoughts of hooking him up with the Runaway Bride.

"And so, as you can see...by segment addition, it can be stated that c = d + e. Using the resulting right triangles and the Pythagorean Theorem, it can be stated that d2 + h2 = a2 and e2 + h2 = b2..."

"Um, sir?"


"What's with the mullet?"

"Dude, I'm trying to teach math here."

Dilemma in Davidson must have a LOT of courage. If I wanted to get into Grad School, I wouldn't post my prof's pic on Dave Barry's blog. No matter HOW nice this prof seems.

Did anyone else feel the urge to email this prof and share their sympathy with him? I wouldn't want to be the laughing stock of people like me.

I'm not sure you should make fun of him considering most of the math faculty at Davidson don't even put pictures of themselves on the web (in other words, he's one of the "lookers" there).

hmmm. i think he's kinda cute. but then, he's a man. so there ya go.

Shields and Yarnell are back!!!

Best keep your mullet comments to yourself. He appears to be one of those people who makes his own kind of music no matter what anyone says. He probably also thinks mullets are cool.

And SHE likes it, too!

Have I provided you with enough of 70's and 80's flashbacks? Man, I'm gonna have visions of Shields and Chartierses interfering with my sleep all night.

In math there is a paradox that asks if one does not think is is it still not a mullet? Ask naked habre-whatever and then disregard his response.

When I clicked on Tim's page I scrolled to the bottom and found http://www.tctarts.org/

I think the mullet looks appropriate on a mime and/or clown.

Wait. Isn't that David Cassidy? When did he start teaching math?

Oh S**t, he went to Kalamazoo! Well, kids, doesn't that expain everything?

"Mimes With Mullets" WBAGNFARB!

Um...he's also a MIME. Isn't being a mime with a mullet a felony in several states?


Martinishark ~ Can you imagine the children?

VE77 - I'm imagining the children. No screaming fits: every time they throw a tantrum, they act it out in silence. Must be heavenly.

Aunt Nancy - *Snork!*
Great point! Would've come in handy this morning, when child #2 was forcibly peeled from my body, screaming and sobbing for what should prove to be an exciting second day of school. Tomorrow I'll try to remember his whiteface and little white gloves.
"Zach! Get back in your invisible box right this minute!"

Jillywilly - *Snork* back atcha!

"invisible box"......that's good!

Maybe in addition to making fun of him, you should suggest a more flattering look.

Hey! At least this guy has hair.

I'm not sure a mulleted mime should be in the position to help determine who is admitted to graduate school. This man is someone whose judgment we trust? Wow, I'd hate to see what some of the mistake decisions.

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