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August 22, 2005


I apologize for the minimal blogging, but today I'm trying to get from Hailey, Idaho, to Miami, Florida, by air -- a near-impossible feat under the best conditions -- and President Bush is trying to stop me. My flight from Hailey to Salt Lake City was delayed because the President flew to Salt Lake City, which meant the airport had to be shut down while his plane landed, so my flight got in late, so I missed my flight out, which meant I had to change airlines, which I did, but when I got on my next flight, the captain announced that the President now needed to take off, which meant that the whole airport was closed again, which meant we were late taking off, which meant I missed my next connection. So now I'm in Dallas (I think) trying to get on yet another plane, and if the President shows up here, I'll know it's personal.

I don't know what he was doing in Salt Lake City, but I hope it results, at minimum, in world peace.


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It's all part of Bush's forced "Appreciate America" policy. The Senators from flyover country lobbied to get more travel commerce, so let us know what we are missing, Dave.


That's all.

Just remember to use the bathroom BEFORE you plane.

Be sure to loudly mention how angry you are with the President. Especially when going thru security. Those guys LOVE that!

wow, didn't even notice my first 1st. (or 1st first, I never know). Still, I would have preferred being #2 on the Doody story.


Two weeks ago I heard a similar story from family members who also had to wait for the President. Did the airline personnel crack jokes too!?


Don't be silly, Dave, you know perfectly well what the President was doing in Salt Lake City - collecting large gobs of cash! This is now the most sacred duty of the Leader of the Party, (oh, yeah, and the country, too.) He may not be running for anything again, but he's got lots of little Repbulicans to feed.

Of course, that World Peace thing would be nice, too, but you can't expect a guy to give up a good bike-riding day for just anything. So, if you were hoping not to run into the Prez again (because at that point, you're going to start looking suspicious) I would've avoided Texas.

At the very least W ought to have a nice haircut to show for it.

Thank gizmo it was president Bush who caused your delay and not the nutless monkey Kerry. Or the ovaryless Hillary in the future.

Dave, next time I come down wanna shoot at some traffic copters again?

How come when I hit 'preview' my comment Kerry appears as a nutless Monkey?

Say hello to Elizabeth Smart before you leave the state that that guy from Illinoies found.

(click here to detonate)

I was afraid of this.

For the sake of blog harmony, please put down the political clubs.

"C'mon people, smile on your brother
Ev'rybody get together try to love one another right now"

Or at least do your fighting elsewhere.

Obviously, Dave, W sees your presence in the region as a ploy to garner votes during your run for the big house. How does he know you're not making an early start on your next campaign?

Gee Dave, did you get too much sun in Idaho. Ho ho ho!!! Bush do something for world peace???? Not likely unless he hijacked his own plane, but I don't think they allow him near sharp objects. (or sharp people for that matter)

The President and world peace in the same sentence? Wow. I knew you were funny Dave, but not <<>> funny. BTW, did the Prez get to pre-board or was he late to the Southwest flight?

*zips in*

HEY! I ditto what Prairie Dog said. I have to bite my tongue (ouch!) lots of times, but I refrain from political remarks or attacks on the party that is always wrong!!!

(Neutral snipe!) Could go either way!

Boy, this sure is Idaho's week! Dave AND the President visiting.

Ed.Note: Part of that was said with dripping sarcasm. For the sake of blog harmony, I won't disclose which part.

I used to fly a lot, but now I am retired so I only fly when there is an ocean to cross or a change of cotenents is involved. Well, here is a great example of why I came to this state of mind.

Prairie Dog and Eleanor - HOORAY for your common sense! If I were an audience I'd give you both a standing ovation.

Eleanor, don't go either way, go both ways! Or even all ways!

*Joins A.N. in applause*

Chancev - I also fly when a change of continence is involved.

Eleanor - you're right on. Ridiculing politics and politicians can be fun, but only if you're spreading the misery equally. Or neutrally. Or whatever. BTW, drinking something cold can help alleviate the pain you feel after you've bitten your tongue.

Hey, wait a minute. This is a humor blog, and we're having a serious discussion? Oh, no!


Prairie Dog ~ When I quoted that song a few weeks ago, people made fun of me.

But maybe it was only because it was in that thread about multiple moonings. Or Amtrak. Or Amway. Something like that.

If only W had to deal with missed connections. I can see the headline now...

U.S. Troops storm headquarters of major airlines. Shock and Awe campaign commences

Film at eleven...

Incidentally, I have it from a reliable source (John Kerry) that W was in Salt Lake City to speak at the Veterans of Foreign Wars convention.

I didn't know W was a veteran of a foreign war. I guess it has something to do with being Commander in Chief.

It appears I have put the blog in a permanent state of italics. i wonder if I can fix it...

If this works, my next trick will involve bringing peace to the Middle East.


Did this help?

Somebody left the italics running again . . .

And I'm always having to make my hubby & my mom quit political discussions; it's not that either of them are extreme in their views (though Mom gets extremely upset about some issues), it's just that they seem to bring out the worst in each other, so that soon they sound like the most bitter of right/left opponents.

If we can keep them off that subject, Mom thinks he's the best catch ever . . .

Immeasurably. Kudos to you!

Yay, VicE77 - beat me to it!

And in the time it took me to compose my earlier post, the mighty Thunder Techs made some changes to the blog - now Dave's original entry appears at the top of the comments. And you no longer automatically return to the bottom of the screen after a post.

I think I've had enough Long Island Iced Teas. Time for beddy-bye.

It's a good thing I didn't try an < H1 >!

It could be worse.... I got stopped once because it was Dan Quayle visiting! Oh and did I say it was in New Jersey? By the time the airport reopened we were fogged in and after waiting several hours on the tarmack getting ready to leave, ended up spending the night at the airport because it got too late.

lots of people got mad at me for allowing (and contributing regularly to) political discussion on the message board (even though *everyone* was allowed to say what they wanted, of course). so yes, let's keep it off the blog, cause i can't stand to lose any more "friends" over politics, which none of us can really do anything about, anyway!

blt: are the changes that you have noticed good or bad?

Yes, but judi, most people weren't discussing, they were saying "I am right and only my opinion matters.", sticking their fingers in their ears, and going "lalalalalalala". I've seen many intelligent political discussions here, and they usually don't degenerate into the namecalling and backbiting of the messageboard. I guess it's because here we just can't flounce off and start our own Dave Barry Blog when we disagree with this one ;)

on a trip to nyc, i once got stuck in a major traffic jam because poppy bush was visiting the UN - amd since traffic in nyc is never a problem... well, it was a mess. these people should stay in washington.
what's in idaho, in addition to the potatoes?

I am in favor of keeping off political discussions of any stripe here. But I always find it interesting that the, er, followers of one political party can freely take shots at the people they disagree with, but when it happens in the other direction, these same people get up in arms, say the others are "bashing" their guys, etc.


I googled idaho tourism and found something that could be construed as kinky.

Buggy whips first thing in the morning?

Personally, I prefer to be flogged at night.

Yeah, but do you wear the snazzy cowboy outfit, complete with leather chaps?

Little known (or understood) fact: Bruce Willis and Demi Moore have a house in Hailey Idaho. Didja see them Dave?

Mrs. S. - I knew that! They bought the whole town and they have a movie theater that only shows all the Die Hard Movies, over, and over, and over, and over...

(I made up the Die Hard part, but it could be true...)

DAVE! You spent all that time in SLC and didn't even stop for a photo with the 4Utah team??


Actually you are partially right, except the movie they show is "Striptease" (cause that's the only place that will play it)



Actually you are partially right, except the movie they show is "Striptease" (cause that's the only place that will play it)


I apologize if this double posts, apparently my pc does NOT like that movie either...


That happened to me too, except it was during the RNC convention and they apparently decided to close the airspace over the entire STATE of New York and my plane got re-routed from La Guardia to *gasp* Newark.

Talk about a detour. Yeesh.

Judi - if it's not too late to reply (I went to bed shortly after my last post last night) - the changes are, for the most part, good. Nothing overtly negative, anyhoo.

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