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August 18, 2005


An elderly woman is worth two in the hand. Or something like that.

(Thanks to Andy, the tropichunt.com guy)


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Reminder to self: be kind to little old ladies . . .

She grabbed his ball$!



Mort: sadly, no.


Oh well, at least I didn't try to rob a poor defenceless...uh...

I'll take my 2nd and like it.

"Out-quicked" by a 93 year old? Surely there are other career choices for for a man in his 20s with a pathetically slow reaction time.

First base for the Dodgers comes to mind...

If you mess with Zoja Popova
Be careful; she's not a pushover
Try a Raskolnikov
And get your balls ripped off
And thank God she don't want a lover!

Judging by her mode of defence I'm guessing her to be a divorce'. Of course things come to mind to also suggest she's maybe a widow, but I'd rather not go there; Judi's use of "twist" in the header already has me wincing.

The robbers tried to escape through a window, but were caught by private security guards and handed over to the police.

1) 'Privates' caught robbers who were caught by their privates...
2) What methods did the security guards utilize that were seemingly more effective than what the old lady used...?

{grinning at martinishark} thanks for noticing ;)

tee hee

♪ Go Granny, Go Granny, Go Granny, Go ♫

judi, the saying is:

An elderly woman's hand in the bush is worth two inept criminals.

I'd always thought it was nonsense.


Judi, you're welcome.

Uh, what I mean by that is "I acknowledge your graciousness", and not "I grant you permission to emulate the self-defence tactics on the nether regions." Forgive if I sound touchy on the subject.

And when I said "touchy" what I meant was is--Oh Forget It!

I was hoping it would say something like:
"The old women pick the man up with one hand and threw him 7 yards(14 hectolitres)"

Good job Dave. You're back to funny.

judi - poor Clem. He just doesn't know how to read the "posted by" line. Argh.

Police: "Are you ladies ok? What is the world coming to, thugs trying to rob two elderly women. I'm so happy you were able to defend yourselves."
Zoja Popova: "They came to rob us?"
Police: "Yes. You can let go now."
Zoja Popova: "No thanks, I'm good."

Observer: Waa ha ah ha ha ha ha!!! LMAO!!! good job...

CT: Thank you. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut now and then...

Judi: Can we all call you Dave? Or is that limited to Clem?

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