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July 29, 2005


Trouser Tyranny.

Also The Hunting Sporrans.


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s-girl...we can take pictures for him.....

I always miss the good parties.

Okay, maybe not always.

And, away we go...

I've never felt so pampered in my life. You have obviously never spent any time with me.

105 degrees here today. Well, hell, its almost midnight and we have nearly cooled down to that...indoors. The rum is helping though - I keep it in the freezer and climb in for a drink.

I don't know about her grammar, but she's sure stylish! Who cares about her grammar, the girl is hotter than the weather!

I am sure there is more that deserves comment, but, did I mention that it is hot here? I'm going for more rum.

well damn

that didn't help

Fine, somebody else clean up after me then.

Sweep sweep

Thanks, sweetie.

and you seem to be feeling almost as good as i am this evening

*smooch!* No problem!

Hey...why is the rum gone?!?!?

It isn't, yet. Want some?

Been with my dad's family all day - I love them, but I hate it when RL keeps me away from the important people in my life


You don't have to tell everyone how good I "feel"!!

And yes...please pass the rum.

timidly trying italics again...

*is there anyone who doesn't already know?*

Sorry, that didn't technically deserve the asterisks.

did somebody say rum?

*holds cup out expectantly*

Sharon, isn't ASK cute when he's drinkin' and slanty? ;)

Oh, and here you go.

and you too, SG! Somehow, that bottle keeps refilling. The one in front of me isn't doing the same.

and almost a simul...



an actual simul!

*knocks back shot of rum*


now I need a smoke...

Always eager to please.

and ya do that so well. ;)


Yes, I'd be willing to say that there are several people who still don't necessarily know how I "feel".


*steadies camera*

*snaps pic of ASK and s-girl's simul*

Well, I didn't realize how privileged I am.

for some
Mine's beer,
I fear
A bitter bottle of beer
I'd rather
have rum
Or wine
would be fine,
Not this bitter bottle of beer

Can't drink beer anynore, neo. You are welcome to join us for the last of the rum!

*smacks lips*

*licks empty bottle, trying to get a drop or two*

mmmmmm; thank you!

*snaps pic of neo licking the bottle*

Er... I...

iss been photoshpopped! Thatsit, doctord I tell ya!

*collapses on the Ottoman of Inebriation Wannabees*

*tucks in neo*

*snaps pic of sleeping neo, complete with drool*

*snuggles up on Couch 'o Happy To Be A Kiltie*

So many couches to choose from.

*pushes together couches of inebriation, happiness, and stylishness and collapses in the middle in happily stylish inebriation*

*leaves room for SG*

Don't forget this one (weird-looking married woman not included)

neo, your kids didn't find this one did they?

*peeks in*

*sees "reserved" sign with her name on it*

*collapses happily amongst sleepin' kilties*

*snuggles up close to...*

hey, who's that?

*doesn't care*

*reaches up, turns out light, and snuggles up again*

sweet dreams, kilties. :)

this is long, but it's pretty funny, especially from about 7:40 to the karaoke

Dang, I picked the wrong night to sleep!!!

*smooches* to all late nighters, and thank you to all who called me hot and or stylish.


*Slips into kitchen to grab a leftover cinnamon roll*

*Quietly retracts control rods from nuclear powered coffee maker, and stands back a safe distance*

When ready, please pour (carefully!) into one of these.

Mornin KILTies!!

Blue - I had one of those in high school... but I dont remember makin coffee with it... hmmm - if I recall correctly it was more of a parfait device.

*slips off to find a real coffee maker since he already reverted Blues to the high school "science project" it was intended to be*

SNORK! @ "I don't remember....". Comes with the territory, don't it?

Try this one, then.

*head emerges from under pillow, one eye opens, looks around*


They say if you remember being there you couldnt have actually been there - dont they?

*Wedges a "Gimme a Feh!" post in before Sly's*

This looks a bit like something grandpa kept down in the woods. Yep, gramps loved that espresso.

I'll pour.

Irish coffee, anyone?

Bumble, YES, get a second opinion about the contacts. I've never worn them, but I think they're only supposed to be mildly uncomfortable for the first couple of days, and if you still have problems on the third day, make an appointment to see another opthalmologist.

Nice couches, Sarah and Neo! Definitely Kilt material.

Yayyyyyy for Sharon's spa vacation! It sounds lovely and relaxing.

how 'bout one of these?

or, for Coast, one of these!

but only if ya share. ;)

I can't believe I forgot to tell you guys this! (I think.)

my kids just got a new principal at their school, and her name is...

Mrs. Parfait!!!


I am gonna have to try soooo hard not to laugh if I meet her. :)

{{{s-girl}}} Of COURSE I will share!!

So if the Principal is Mrs Parfait, and parfait is a vice, wouldnt she be the Vice Principal?

S-Girl, is she married to him?

*passes bong to Coast*

and *SNORK*

ouch!! (inhaling followed by snorking is not fun)

Blue, you're not makin' fun of that guy's name, are you? cuz we don't do that here. ;P

'Course not, S-G. I know we don't do that, ever. Like you toward Mrs. Parfait, I was making a respectful acknowledgment of their contribution to academia.


sg, I would have to transfer my kids to another school. No way could I have a serious conversation with Mrs. Parfait without starting it creatively.

"Sorry to be a buzzkill, but..."
"Don't mean to bogey your mellow..."
"How's the garden?"
"Can I borrow a match?"
"I brought you some Doritos. Don't you love snacks?"

I think this might become problematic should there be a Serious School Issue with one of my kids, yet I would be powerless to stop myself. Good luck to you, sweetie!

K, fortunately my kids don't usually have Serious School Issues, so I'm hopin' it won't be a problem. :)

*zips in*

*snork at KDF*

*snork* at Mrs. Parfait*

*plops down on the Couch O' Cool Weather today*

*wonders if anyone can join her*

would love to - radio says that it might cool off here by christmas

My radio melted yesterday.

*Suspects S-Girl will soon regret having told us about Mrs. Parfait*

*Does best imitation of his 7-year old daughter running down the hallway and launching into a flying leap with a double twist to land in sitting position onto the Couch O' Cool Weather next to a non-grumpy Eleanor*

*Deposits another superfluous "f" into the barrel next to the couches in exchange for the apostrophe*

*wanders in*

So...did anyone produce any actual coffee, or am I gonna have to go out to get some??

Oh, never mind. I have to go out to pick up The Best Dog In The World Ever anyway...may as well stop by the coffee place. Anyone want anything?

....Mrs. Parfait.....*SNORK!*.....That's almost as good as the OB-GYN in my women's health group whose name is (ISIANMTU) Dr. Clapp.

Blue, of course I won't! hey, it gave y'all somethin' to talk about, right?

and I'm with ASK and Coast - here it's hot, hot, hot.

and *snork* @ Dr. Clapp.

well, if you are with us, of course it is

pssst, sharon - check your e-mail

pssst...El...received and responded!

pssst...the rest of us are feeling neglected!

pssst....the rest of you.....


Does someone have a slow leak?

I thought I felt an upKILT breeze... I kinda liked it.

Thanks for the smooch, Sharon. A *smooch* back to you, too!

The first thing I thought of when reading Mrs. Parfait's last name was not "recreational drugs," but rather if she would live up to the very high expectations. (Parfait is French for "perfect." Though to be fair, it would have been funnier if her last name were in the feminine form, parfaite.)


Dammit Coast, you made me laugh, and I can't pssst and *snork* at the same time!

Plus I snorted coffee up my nose.

Marie, who said anything about recreational drugs?

*innocent look*

well, maybe Coast...;P

*snorks at the names we're not making fun of*

*heads downstairs for a bite to eat*

Anyone on the cool weather couch care for Italian-ice-in-a-tube? Should be frozen by now, assuming our freezer didn't melt.

I didnt say they were recreational... I'm a pro!

almost all drugs are recreational if used properly

just sayin


Bumble, is that anything like parfait?

If TCK had a halo, it would be tarnished beyond repair, assuming he hadn't sold it for parfait first. ;-)

southerngirl~ No, it's like a classed-up version of the freezie pop tubes that everybody buys for their kids in the summer.

bumble - one does not sell his or her halo for parfait - one pawns it in hopes of retrieving it later

*examines TCK's serious lack of halo*

Well...it wasn't a really good look for you anyway.

*brushes own hair over suspicious looking curved pointy things on head*

Erm...not that I'd know anything about that, of course!

I just discovered Italian ice this summer and I LOVE it. It's not even bad for you.

KDF~ Yeah, it's tasty.

sharon & TCK:

>;-) (-;<

Ummm...Bumble...looks like you got me and TCK smoochin' in a rather devilish manner there.


did sharon just say she was horny?

and italian ice mixes great with vodka

just sayin :)

sharon, you forgot to say NTTAWWT. and Bumble's halo is at least temporarily available, if ya want to borrow it to cover those suspicious lookin' things on your head.

May I be the first to congratulate TC for successfully transforming a refreshing summer treat and Sharon's devilishness into alcohol and sex. Well done, my friend.

Well, duh, s-girl!! The NTTAWWT just went without saying. It never occurred to me that there could be anything wrong with devilish smoochin'. :)

*nictitates @ TCK* Did I say that??

*wide-eyed, innocent look*

And *snork*...yes, TCK is very talented that way, KDF.


it's always nice to have one's talents recognized by one's peers

so, do i get a trophy or somethin'? it occurs to me that the halo's probably gone for good, so i'm gonna need somethin to pawn

KDF, aren't kilt conversations usually about sex and alcohol, and devilishness, and treats...?

and I'm not sayin' that to diminish his accomplishment, or anything...just wonderin' aloud.

Hey, I found something that I never really thought existed - a second bottle of rum! Not so good with Italian ice though. Is it 5 o'clock anywhere yet?

it's almost 3:30 here, ASK. close enough?

Lessee. No work 'til Wednesday...

Close enough.

And hey, blog time is even closer.

KDF, aren't kilt conversations usually about sex and alcohol, and devilishness, and treats...?

Yes, they are. But even TCK needs positive feedback for his pervy, twisted efforts now and then. :)

The guy getting hit by the slapping machine was hilarious. Good job SarahJ

Those are some of my favorite subjects.

I thought the old man biting the kid's ear was funny

*sticks a gold star on ask's head*

A+ in all those subjects!

*adds an "extra credit" sticker*

*signs up for post-doctoral studies*

*quietly sucks Italian ice out of a tube*

*waits for TCK to turn that into a dirty joke*

*puts halo back on while s-girl's not lookin'*


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