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June 15, 2005


Don't even go there.

(Thanks to Vrouw Zero)


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Rock on, about time we saw a curling iron throwdown.

You go girl!

That's awesome!!

Oh that is so great. I'm still laughing a little bit.

I'll bet he just wants to curl up and dye (har) from embarrassment.

This reminds me of that guy who flashed a bunch of Catholic schoolgirls in Philadelphia a while ago. They beat him up.

Freaking awesome!! I spent my kindergarten year in Bosier City, just outside of Shreveport. This is how things are done there. However, the armed robber obviously wasn't from Shreveport. The first thing we learned in school was to go to the bathroom before robbing a beauty salon, so that there's no chance you'll wet your pants if the beauticians turn on you.

You KNOW this dude's gonna have a rough time on the inside. Heck, he's probably already someone's girlfriend.

Favorite line from the story: He will be booked into the City Jail once he is released from the hospital.

Blalock's Beauty College where we will make a more beautiful you or die trying!!

What is she doing to that woman's head?!?!?

Judging from the photo, the beauty college has been robbing its students with poor instruction. To quote Redd Foxx, those women look like "...King Kong suckin' mustard outta an elephant's ear." But at least they pack a punch!

U.O., I thought the story peaked with: "Blood and urine splattered from the victim." But maybe that's just me.

bbescuela --

Good point, and I'm not disagreeing, but I like the concept of criminals having one more thing to worry about ... i.e. getting the crap beat out of them by citizens/non-victims who have decided they don't wanna take this garbage any more ...

Is there some kind of prize for Most Creative Citizen Arrest? Seriously. This was the best thing I read all day.

U.O.- Just to correct something you wrote. This guy had the piss beat out of him.

yeah. you gotta be respectful of the beauty shop ladies, go girls!

Brad -

Well ... considering the weirdness of some of these "access not allowed -- questionable content" features ... I din't know if I could get away with piss ... apparently you can ... or, I coulda said "micturitive waste products" I s'pose ...

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