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May 20, 2005


Here's proof.

(Thanks to GretchenCS)


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"Hygienic Nightinggale Droppings" Are these DROPPINGS hygienic, or were the Nightinggales hygienic? Inquiring minds want to know.

Does it matter, Punky? Either way, you're smearing bird poop on your face?!?!?!?!

This is one product I wouldn't want to be fragrance free...

dave reminds me he wrote about these in 'does japan'... sigh... well, women are still insane. now if only nightingale droppings worked on memory.

(as if)

Judi - they do work on memory - please take a video of you applying it and share it with us!

Anybody looking at your Yahoo home page? News title:

U.S. to Probe Saddams Underwear

(I may be paraphrasing just a wee bit)

and they weren't tested on animals! don't you feel lucky being first!

Sounds like animal testing on a massive scale, to me. Every ounce in every container was, in fact, fed to a nightingale before the product left the factory.


I got a similar facial (unvoluntarily) at the Dunes when the lady on the blanket next to me spilled a bag of cheetos near a flock of seagulls (the avian type, not the oddly coiffed band).

I understand Michael Jackson has twenty of these.

Punky - I couldn't help but read:

"Jihad Ballout, a spokesman for the Al-Jazeera network, said his network did not show the pictures because it had ethical and professional concerns."

Jihad - Ethical? Ballout - Professional?

Sounds like hypocrisy to me.

"avoid eye area"??

I'd avoid ALL areas.

So exotic foods aren't the only thing they're into!

*wonders what other escentric tendencies that culture has*

This is bird sh*t in a bottle, and people pay money for it?

D'Art: One could make a similar comment about one of the major candidates for president last year (hint: he has nice hair), but I'll refrain ...

What's kind of backward (or back-woods, your choice) skin-care research in Japan has led them to abandon Pearl Cream for Nightengale Droppings?

Well, one could make a similar comment about many people in politics, currently in power or not.

Isn't make-up made up of Bat Guano?

Just think of all the women out there right now who are sh!tfaced, and it's only 10 after 2.

Chief: even the title scares me. "Near-Nekkid Saddam"...

D'Art: too true, batman.

How can I get Dave to publish a link to my site on his blog?


Remember, this is an exfoliate first used by Kabuki performers to remove any make-up that got messed up from previous performances. Its like a mud bath with an ever-so-slight variation.

BTW: Kabuki performers are all males.

Then there's that.

Remember, this is an exfoliate first used by Kabuki performers to remove any make-up that got messed up from previous performances. Its like a mud bath with an ever-so-slight variation.

BTW: Kabuki performers are all males.

Then there's that.


Jeff, Are Jeeter and A-Rod clones?

I think they're cute! I just love the mochachino types.

As far as Sadaam in his tighty-whiteys...no wonder he was trying to get the biggest, baddest missles - to make up for being hung like a hamster!

uh...missel, missile, Miss Isle....

For Punky: (and me too!)
A-Rod and Jeter
looking cool! and not so cool!

The Cambodian Fighting Midgets

FedD - shouldn't that be The Mutilated Cambodian Fighting Midgets! EEEWWWW!

or The Leftover Cambodian Fighting Midgets

Thanks, Eleanor!!!!!!!!!

So they're not so much Siamese Twins as Synchronized Twins.

Attention bloglits in the U.K. — this item can be found at your local chemist's on the shelf next to the larks' vomit.

That is all.

"Lark's Vomit?!"

Brainy — lark's vomit is a garnish for the ram's bladder cup from The Whizzo Chocolate Company's Quality Assortment. However, I've always found that one lark's vomit (by itself) seems to leave me a bit peckish, so I try to find the six-pack.

Rowr - Well, why don't you try more conventional areas of confectionry?!

so ... when some "star" gets bird sh*t on their Mercedes, it's a disaster ... but the same product on skin is ... still the SSDD ... and I don't mean chicken salad ...

BTW ... one of the ingredients in many perfumes is ... attar of skunk ... (with the offensive odors deleted, of course)

Brainy — have we run this into the ground yet?

Crunchy Frog, yum,yum... but, is it a real frog? in chocolate?

"If it didn't have bones, it wouldn't be crunchy. Would it?"

I think this proves that it's Japanese women who are insane. I can't imagine that American women would slather bird poop all over their faces.

Now, please excuse me. I'm late for my botox injection.

Oops, forgot to put in BOTH contacts this morning.

was probably invented by MEN. 'scuse me, time to get some more crunchy frog.

Yes, as a practical joke. And to their amazement, women are buying it anyway!

hmmmph - Weasel, is that not a great compliment to men, that women will try anything in order to remain attractive for men?!?!?!?

Nice assortment of cosmetics...but do they have BEN-WA BALLS??

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I'm moonstruck now. (waaaoooh!)

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