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May 20, 2005


Cher was born on this date in 1846.


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I guess she Turned Back Time.

She is well preserved or made of synthetic materials.

I hate to contradict His Daveness, but if I correctly recall, May 20, 1846 was the kick-off date of her final Tour. The Birthdate of Cher is unknown. Numbers had yet not been invented when she was born.

Cher may have been born in 1846, but her breasts were born in 1980, her nose in 1978...

Like a bottle of Bud, I guess it's entirely possible to be well, well past your 'Born On' date.

If you'd ever been to El Centro, CA you'd know why she's been running ever since.

Do do, do do, do do, do do, ah goh chewbabe!

I'm moonstruck now. (waaaoooh!)

kim - snap out of it!

crap.....my linking skills are slipping...

P U N K Y !!!


*zips in*

Picture of Cher without makeup:
fotos.de/luxor/ramses_e.htm">The Real Cher

*taps fingers* tap....tap....tap...
*waiting for link*

*deals Elanor some cards*
"You and me both. Do you have any 3s?"

Eleanor!!! My link is too big!!!!!!

*wink wink*

Seriously - how can I squeeze my big link onto my little page??????

Hig - I don't know of any link size resctrictions. Just do:

<a href="www.bigoldlink.com/blahblahblahblahblahblahblah(etc)/picture.jpg">big link</a>

I've seen people post enormous...posts.

So Dave, what you're really trying to point out is that Cher is approximately one year older than you, right? Whatever makes you feel better, buddy.

Thanks, Brainy! You're the smartest Jello I know! (Waaaay smarter than my Tapioca!)

We joke about Cher, but the Rolling Stones are going on tour this summer too. Ron Wood looks like he is a poorly embalmed Orc from the Lord of the Rings and Keith Richards looks like a satanic John McEnroe.

Sarah J--those are great "separated at birth" pix!

Come to think of it, have you ever seen the White Wizard Gandolf and Cher in the same room at the same time?????

Crabby, 'satanic John McEnroe' is kinda redundant...

Point taken. How about if Alice Cooper and John McEnroe had a love child?

Uh, Dave. You're off by about 100 years. Cher was born in 1746.

I like how out of all of her songs, they mention "Half Breed".

sheesh either ya'll are blind or they fixed it. cuz it says 1946. at least now it does.
maybe all the traffic surprised them, or maybe they read the blog.

The really scary thing is that I just heard she is planning her COMeBACK TOUR!!!

Cherilyn Sarkisian — The words aren't very good, but it's got a good beat and it's easy to dance to. I'll give it a 59.

I've Got you, Babe

That is all.

No - wait

Sonny Bono - RIP

Kent Brockman: We're here talking to a man who has just come out of a coma after 30 years.

Man: Are Sonny&Cher still on TV?

KB: No, she won an Academy Award, and he's in Congress!

(Man relapses.)

Cher won an academy award, and Sonny is dead. He crashed into a tree while skiing back in 2001, I think.

jessica r. - sorry. forgot to say that at the time that 'simpsons 'aired , mr. bono was still with us.

Die Twice "Porn Spam"er!!!

(And a thief...he stole the comment ss made
abt 2 threads back!)

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