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May 22, 2005


But it's a fine headline just the same.

Whoops. We are reminded that this blog is too classy to link to such things, so please disregard this post.

(Thanks to Patricia Ponder)


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Bush? Pants? Probing? I thought this blog was too classy to link to something like that.

Read before posting!

Leave it to the Sun to come up with that title!

“I think it’s a strategy duly orchestrated by the Americans to destroy the image of Saddam Hussein — to say ‘look at this man, he’s not a god, he’s only a man’.”

Ya think so? He's only a man? And he puts his pants on the same as the rest of us?



*turns to Page 3*

Someone will have to explain to Bush what it means AND why it's funny!

he has been briefed

we'll get to the bottom of it

make it stop, make it stop!!!

Think Sadam flushed his toilet and Russian lost another lake?

Guess they don't have Low Flow toilet problems!

To the Sun's journalists I say please,
No more shots of Saadam's BVDs.
He would look very comic
With a wedgie atomic
But go back to the cheesecake and sleaze!

judi! When did we get class? I didn't get my certificate!

Do we have to, like, actually pass a test? or somethin, to get this here certificate?

I've got class out the a**!!

And I NEVER EVER want to see Saddam in his gruds again. Pleeeeeease.

Rodney Dangerfield (to Sally Kellerman): Well, can I see you some time when you have no class?

(from Back to School)


That is all.

*zips back in*

No, I have more - I have a Yiddish Word of the Day calendar and it seems appropriate for this post.

Class will come to order.

From this article it appears that Pres. Bush is having gehokte tsores today.
(geh-hok-teh tsoor-ris)
Literally, chopped troubles, deep problems

Class, make up a sentence using said word -
insom, you go first.....

Great now I am going to have nightmares

Super Mario: "Ever since-a I-a screwd around-a wit dat-a ho-a, I-a gehokte tsores all-a over-a my-a wee wee"

The Tyranosaurus

caused the Brontosaurus

some gehokte tsores.

His spokesman said: “He has been briefed. He wants to get to the bottom of it.”

Since I know the Bush administration does not have a sense of humor as we know it, I think we can safely assume the Sun put those words in the "spokesman"'s mouth.

insom: one more from Rodney in Back to School if I may:

"What's your major? Poetry? Maybe you can help me straighten out my Longfellow."

Thank you, thank you, great crowd, I'll be here all week!

A plus for sondra and apol.prof.

Anyone else??? Bueller???

Tom Cruise in Risky Business he ain't.

I'd go to Arcturus
To avoid gehokte tsuris.

can't help wishing they'd left his big S
in the hole and shoveled in some dirt.

A minus for insom -

I was hoping for one of your excellent limvericks, insom......*sigh* hence, the minus


can't help wishing they'd left his
big gehokte tsores in the hole and
shoveled in some dirt.


Sondra? Was that an hiaku?

I thought about it after the fact. It was close. But unlike others on this blog, I neither write nor admire hiaku. To each his own. I'll have mine buttered.

Nice one Judy. You just violated the Geneva Convention. The Swiss Guard are going to take away your brithday.

... brithday ... is that like a brisday -- with a lithp?

hey U!

brad...that was a good one:)

Does anyone else besides me think it's highly amusing that Bush has found this sudden interest in abiding by the Geneva Conventions?? Apparently, it's perfectly OK if US soldiers torture and vilify prisoners, but GOD FORBID they take photos of Saddam in his underwear! (Just my take on this... seems like Bush didn't go out of his way to castigate people about the prison atrocities the way he's mouthing off about this.)

J.M. -

that about sums it up ...

Anyone find it interesting that Saddam's lawyer is French?

those tighty-whities in the photo look like a bad cut and paste job!! and/or possibly an ad for clorox. odd fit, edges a bit too crisp for this crap-cam photo, AND blindingly white....

Fun Fact!

In his younger days, President Gerald R. Ford was an underwear model for the Sears Roebuck catalog.

That really has nothing to do with anything. Except, I guess, photos of world leaders in their underwear.

Which will never replace photos of actresses on the beach topless. A fact that I hope the Sun never forgets.


bwaaaahaaaa...!! we need much more yiddish on this blog. gehakte tsurris [slightly different pronunciation] doesnt quite cover it. come to think of it, neither do his tighty whitees..... in spite of that, its a shonde [shame] that anybody would take pics of anybody else in their gotkees [underwear].Vay iz mir!

queensbee, you said a mouthful. I think it's time for a game of Rock, Paper, Saddam!

a riotous website Jeff. i suspect that some goniff [thief] will try to sell saddam's shorts on ebay. Mahatma - are they already out there?!

Saddam's tighty whitees - agnfarb?

Never mind ants in his pants - how about some of those camel spiders...?

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