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May 17, 2005




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No roadkill for me, thanks...

Isn’t it just a rat with a college education?

Dave, I prefer this headline:

Is There a Ring of Debris
around Uranus?



"The thighs offered a couple of good mouthfuls of a grouse-like meat, not the rabbity fatness I had expected."

See? The Swedish Chef knew what he was doin' when he was making Squirrely Stew!

Screw that.

Mmmm fledgling rook next week. Gotta go get tickets.

But, on the other hand (er..paw), Rodent Autopsy wbagnfarb.

What a great Reveiwer! He made me feel as if I had actually been there with him.

Warning: Anyone between me and a convinient place to 'toss' lunch - is a goner!

Rabbity Fatness wbag alternate name for cellulite.

Mommy...wat dis?
Looks like a tiny paw sweetie.


Well,Grandma wasn't a chef, she just panfried them with their little heads still on. When Grandpa finished picking off what little meat was on them, he'd then crack their skulls open and scoop out the brains. He claimed that was the best part!

y'all from Arkansas?..(nttawwt)

No, i's frum Jawja!

Having been raised on a self-sufficient farm in rural Oklahoma, I would simply like to say the following:

Squirrels is good eatin'!
(Although, a bit gamier than rabbits.)

S-man, hog brains and eggs were my Grandpa's favorite breakfast, but I never could make myself taste them.

Your right about the waste not want not mindset, we also made something called hoghead cheese- boil the hoghead(after removing the brains) then scrape off anything thats edible and make it into a loaf. This would be sliced and panfried, served with breakfast in place of bacon, or served cold to make sandwiches

my folks were hippies back in the day and thought they'd bring the chilluns to rural NC where they buddied up to the old timers that came thru the depression era. I was raised on a farm and have been forced to eat bear, venison, turtle, 'possum, 'coon, squirrel, and groundhog. All this in addition to watching our pet chickens, pigs, cows, goats, ducks and turkeys turned into a tasty meal. Good times, good times. We even lived in a house without indoor plumbing. One time in the fall I was sitting in the outhouse and saw a fox run across the field in front of me. This is why I have free rein to make all the fun I want of Southerners. I was raised one in the best way. Some of you reading this might think I'm an old timer myself, but I'm not even 40 yet. Now I work downtown in one of the largest cities in the south. I miss the good-ole squirrel eatin days.


There goes the new flat panel monitor!

After reading about hoghead cheese and squirrel brains from you guys, I'd like to assert that I really thank God I'm a city boy.

Way to go El!

Way to go D'ART!

Edelweiss- Why, Where abouts in rural Okrahoma? Heck, We mighta shared a squirrel or gnawed on rabbity fatness oncet ter twicet.

I was lucky enough to spend my first 12 summers in the piney woods of east Texas. I heard stories of home cookin' I wouldn't have tasted, and tried everything that was set before me. By the time I came along, my grandparents had electricity and plumbing, but the outhouse was still there, in case the one indoors was busy. I gotta say, there's somethin' nice about fresh air blowing across your nether regions. And it's especially nice blowing across your face when you gotta be in there a minute or two.

steven,SM & casey,
actually, hogshead cheese aint That bad.
kinda like pate (accent thingy)
all my kin are from Fla,jawja,and Tenn.
cept grampa("just outside of Dublin")
Mom's moved to OK. a few yrs bck...nice
people but no coast!
pass the grits.
frm a GRITS...(girl raised in the south)

EWWWWWW! GROSS! I don't care if

... eating grey squirrel is an anti-Bush gesture, too.

I ain't eatin' that stuff! No way, no how. Meat comes from the STORE. Not negotiable. End of discussion. Final answer.

"I has spoken!!!"

Mr. Fishair - I grew up outside the city limits of Noble and Slaughterville. It's about an hour or so south of the City on HWY 77. Spent quite a bit of time in Tishomingo, too.

hmmagin - Actually, there's more shoreline in Oklahoma than in any other state, including Florida. Lots of rivers and such.

Random bit of trivia: more astronauts have come from OK than any other state, and OK is bordered by more states than any other state...Boomer Sooner!

I wuz in midtown last week (between Park and Third in the mid-50's) at this crazy little eatin' place with them fancy white table cloths. Sum furan waiter served me up raw fish and cold rice. Didn't even serve up no hush puppies or gravy.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmm...............sweet, pooey guts!

I'm disturbed by the alarming number of people on this thread who have witnessed squirrel-brain consumption.


I just figured out what "jawja" is!!!!

This is by far the most nauseating thread in the history of the blog. Squirrel brains? Squirrel paws? Sweet, pooey gut-pies?

I'd rather have the Wendy's Chili Fingers, with maybe a live snake-head or two as an appetizer....

P.S. All you squirrel-brain-eaters are gonna be sorry in another ten years, when you start coming down with Mad Squirrel Disease.

It's bound to be way worse than Mad Cow Disease. Probably makes you dash out in the middle of busy streets and then juke back and forth at random.

Had head cheese a couple weeks ago. Good stuff!

Edelweiss- I growed up jus bout 60 miles north of Tulsa in a little town called Nowata, near the Kansas border. Maybe then we shared a cousin of a squirrel, reckin?

I have been through Tishomingo a few times too.

Also, THE most notable among famous Oklahomans happens to be our very own Judi the Blog Goddess. She is, (as I understand it) from Stillwater or went to school at OSU or maybe just poked a few cows on her way through.

Dave, have you ever eaten squirrel? Being from New York I know you lived near a lot of them. Do you think Bullwinkle was wise to have a squirrell as his advisor? You are going to meet someone important. I see a car in your life. I see the words road and kill. I see trees on your palm. I see spots.

All this talk of food made me hungry, so I went out an' bought a restaurant.

Chisme in Guatemala

It'll be mine in a few weeks - paperwork.

Congrats, Chef Sondra!

Now lessee...where could you get some ideas for memorable menu items? (Are there squirrels in Guatemala?)


Thank! and, yes, but they are Tiny. And believe or not, in a country where cats and dogs are both pets and dinner, they don't eat squirrel. Guess there's just not enough meat on 'em.

Stupendous Man,

Every time I've heard personal accounts of people haveing to eat monkey brains (out of the skull) there's been some comment made about death threats. Why? Are planning on having you for dinner (fricaseed)?

Geez, typos and omitted words. You'd think I was distracted or something.

squirrel meat = dog food

Not to imply that you squirrel-meat eaters are chowing on Alpo or anything. I just happen to own a very large dog who goes ballistic when you say "There's a squirrel, boy! Get the squirrel!" More than once he's yanked the leash right out of my hand chasing some sort of rodent vermin. But the dumb mutt never catches anything.

got the hiccups?

Contrary to popular belief, "squirrel meat," in actuality, anagrams to "quarrel times."

Latest news indicates McDonalds in London is now offering Squirrel McNuggets.

Stupendous Man,

I believe you. But, were they cannibals? Or just ornery?

PS: Heinlein fan?

Aunt Nancy,

I was thinking the same thing. But, seriously. Why not can it for pet consumption? It's better than feeding it to people.

Monkey brains are associated with death threats?
I think of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom...

i find this entire conversation distasteful!


Eating "sweet, pooey guts" is anti-Bush? I would hate to see what pro-Bush food is like.

Another squirrel brain story, from the Northeast, even. My Grandfather and Grandaunt have wistfully described to me the the wonderful squirrel-brain spaghetti sauce my Italian great-grandmother used to make. I have no idea if it was a recipe she brought over from the old country, or her frugally making use of the numerous squirrels in rural Connecticut, but I made sure not to ask if she'd ever written the recipe down.

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