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May 18, 2005


Snakes are developing legs.

And this is an area that has a history of problems with mutant wildlife

Update: Apparently this story is NOT TRUE. The snake did NOT have legs. It had fingers from a bowl of Wendy's chili.

No, seriously, it's worse than that. According to this story (which requires registration) the "legs" were NOT legs. The story states that, after the original story was published, "a few readers savvy about snakes notified the newspaper Friday morning that those legs were more than likely the reptile's sex organs, which were expelled from the body when it was tossed alive onto a pie of burning tumbleweeds."

That had to hurt.


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Only two though. Snakes are wimps.

Only two though. Snakes are wimps.

I think we should go on a blog field trip. Radioactive beer for everyone!

"After placing the weed onto the fire,..."
Yep, I seen all sort of strange things after firing up some weed.
MKJ is double posting again. Somebody call 911.

A place that calls itself "the tri-city area" hasd four Mayors???

This is not news! Some breeds of snakes have always have legs. In some cultures they are called lawyers.

Next thing you know, they'll be wearing wingtips and trying to mate with our women!!

I think the only practical thing to do is send Jack in to shoot them in the thigh.

You gotta wonder about a place that gets its electricity from a PUD...

Uh, err...that should be "have always had" legs.
Too big of a hurry to seek shelter from FCDA.

"If I ever find another one, I'll try to keep it alive," Osorio said.

OK Osorio...yeah, and make sure you take a picture of it after it bites you.

igloo - You can Run but you cannot Hide!!!

*zips in because of inability to finish thought in one post*

We have a Howitzer and we are not afraid to use it, igloo....:)

*zips out to find kibby*

Oh great, now snakes are mating with Snakeheads or lawyers or both.

"Or the statue of a hole in the ozone layer in the park across the street from the Federal Building."

Umm, how do you make a statue of a hole?

"Also, there's the relatively recent discovery of a new species of bladderpod plants...."

Yeah, and when they burst open, out come the bladderpeople. They're pretty much indistinguishable from everyone else, 'cept they can drink a whole lot more radioactive beer before they have to take a radioactive leak. (Visit the little mutants room? See a man about a two-headed dog?)

Also, I agree with Kevin. Four mayors for three cities? Sounds like Monty Python:

"Right, do you four boys take these two girls to be your seven brides? Yes, Sir. Right, go and do your prep."

when they did a 'facial reconstruction' of Kennewick Man, it bore an uncanny resemblance to Jean-Luc Picard.

Rad Dog Ale...aged in leaky tanks....
Dave, did your dad help build these?

Dave: Pick me up a Rad-Dog T-Shirt (preferably not blue) when you go on your junket. And don't forget your geiger counter!

I, for one, welcome our new radioactive ant masters!

Actually, I was at a snake show once, and a guy showed the audience a python that had two claws. Not legs, but startling enough.

And yes, I have good enough taste to refrain from mentioning grilled hot dogs.

Too bad those weren't legs, because Biped Snakes wbagnfarb. I guess Sizzling Snake Hemipenes will have to do.

Three cities - four mayors is more up Douglas Adams alley. As in HGTTG is a Trilogy in five parts.

And as in Zaphod and Ford share three of the same mothers.

Back to snakes....

I'm sorry that they turned out not to be legs. I was going to say something about flying snakes getting a running start. (or maybe it's just as well...)

The key quote in the second story....
"They looked like legs to me."
This lady knows the difference between snake legs and snake penises. (peni?)

BTW.... Do snake legs taste like chicken?

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