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May 18, 2005


Pigs: A Menace? Or, Not?


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Depends on how much BBQ sauce you have, doesn't it?

Menacing Pigs WBAGNFAB!

I'd be sore too if... wait....I thought this was the fractured penis thread, sorry...my sore

Did you notice there's a link to Mysore Tourism on the left? Yeah, this sounds like a GREAT vacation spot!

From what I could glean from the column, I must take the side that the Mysorian pigs are a menace.

From what I could glean from the column, I must take the side that the Mysorian pigs are a menace.

Personally, I think that whatever one man, one woman, and a couple thousand pigs want to do in the privacy of their own shack is none of our business, and hardly deserves the term "menace."

"Star of Mysore" has become quite a reference resource, hasn't it.

As for what WBAGNFARB, I like the declaratory "Pig Menace" myself. I think they could *easily* make second stage at Ozzfest with a name like that.

At least their (not "there" or "they're") pigs all have the correct number of legs.

They do, don't they?

My favorite 80's rock band name is "Trapezoid" (the logo would be a trapezoid).

"Rhombus" would have been too in your face.

Q: What do you call it when you get stuck behind a bunch of pigs wandering the streets of Mysore?

A: A Ham Jam!

HAHAHAHAH...uh. Sorry

Well, sure, you would, MOTW. MATF, MOTW, you guys are obviously related. Cousins, is my guess.

But that's OK, cause I agree with you. I didn't used to care, but that was before I learned that pigs can easily take an epidemic form.

...and they don't glow in the dark. Or do they?

Would Glowing Pigs BAGNFARB?

"...lip service..."

I always that this would be a good euphemism for a bj.

I guess you have answered the question Hawkeye Pierce always asked of his tent mate.

i don' know from piggies. grew up kosher.

I laughed so hard at this article that I choked AND spewed*snork* -

but then I slapped myself upside the head *ouch* because if nothing else, this article makes it clear that to the residents of Mysore, this is indeed a very serious problem.....

I LOVE MYSORE!!! Please Dave, keep this in your repertoire (sp?)

The only opinion I respect regarding Mysore events is that of Superintendent Laxminarasimhaiah.

he he, he said "pig rearing"
"Hyperabad and the Pig Rearing Community" sounds like a '60s kinda place to live and WBAGNFARB...

I know one thing: Dr. H.A.B. Parpia looks EXHAUSTED.

Spewed a snork? Are those still around?!
Also, this may be the only situation where one can yell "I LOVE MYSORE!" and not get unusual attention! Just kidding El!

Congrats, Sondra, for suggesting the use of a euphemism for a euphemism. Also, I have an uncontrollable urge to type "AN" euphemism. Is that wrong?

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