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May 17, 2005


Now they're using ducks.

(Thanks to Justin Barber)


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the ducks aint.

Judi, you're quackers!

And The Terrorist Ducks wbagnfarb.

Of course he couldn't lure the duck out of the house. Lures are for fish, not ducks! Jeez.

Those AFLAC people will stop at nothing to pull in new customers. . .

Also: Sufferin' sucotash!

Your Insurance Agent Responds:

No, of course it's not covered. You neglected to purchase the duck rider...

I guess there's not much going on in Illinois today...


Duck riders? Must be big ducks....

We need an authoritative comment from Federal Duck.

Rise up, my people! We shall not go softly into that good...

Ooh, shiny!

And if you are ever faced with a similar situation, just give it a few beers and it'll probably lose interest and wander off.

Unless you're a sexy bloggette, in which case it'll try some lame pickup lines on you and hope for the best.



That ducky's got the hiccups.

On a slow news day, reporters will duck reality as much as possible.

Duck Theason!
Wabbit Theason!

He was able to scare the duck? Show me how! The ducks near where I live just stand in the middle of the road, blocking traffic. If you honk at them, they just wiggle their tails at you. If you get out of your car you can sometimes herd them, but usually just into one lane of the road, rather than all the way off it. This is almost a daily morning routine for me now.

Lizzy - if you live anywhere near Iowa, I'll loan you my duck-chasing half-rottweiler-half-black-lab dog. Once he chases away the ducks, he'll gladly jump back in the vehicle with you. Don't know what you'll do with him at work, but...

When ducks go bad!

Film at 11!

Comic book writer Alan Moore used to have a band called "The Sinister Ducks." AGNFARB!

Julia Child,

You don't fool me! You're dead! And that Rum Cake recipe was posted here last week!

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