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May 24, 2005


OK, they're pretty good.


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The end is near.....

Miami will win it all.

Jack Bauer has gone to Miami, incognito of course, to watch the game.
Any Piston that needs thigh shooting, will be shot by Jack.
Due to an intense schedule yesterday, Jack was unable to provide assistance to Miami last night. He is now available and will travel to Detroit to support his team.

who are the Pistons?

is that some rock group or something?

Wasn't it the Pistons who got into that big brawl earlier this year? And wasn't it the Pistons home court where that seeing-eye dog made his "mark"?

Just sayin'...

Don't worry Dave.

All the Heat needs to do is figure out how to have more points at the end of the game than the Pistons.

I know it's easy to play "Tuesday Morning Quarterback", but shouldn't Miami have pulled its goalie for the last two minutes?

Shaq's only 50%, so season over. Sorry Dave.


You've got it backwards. The object is to force your opponent into a situation where they have less points than you in the final inning, unless they're kicking a field goal, in which case you should go for the nine ball in the side pocket. Sheesh, everybody knows that.

and then when Shaq committed an offside bogey for crossing the blue line, but it was disallowed 'cause the infield fly rule was in effect!!!

Is it true that when Shaq came back from Greece and someone asked him if he'd seen the Parthenon, he replied,"I don't remember the names of all the clubs we went to."?

I'd rather be watching the Red Wings win than the Pistons. *sniff* Man, I miss hockey!

Fed, that's true. Or was. But Congress has ruled that if you have nine balls in your side pocket it's likely you've been taking steroids, so a lot of teams won't employ that strategy, at least not on a Monday following a rain delayed tee time in May.

I must be a Piston fan.

I have Piston pants and Piston mugs.

Don't worry Dave - seeing-eye dogs nationwide all think the Pistons are #2.

Hmmm...gives new meaning to the word "Pisst-ons".

To paraphrase Dennis Miller: The fans at the game were very disappointed. They came to see the Pistons and the Magic, not the Nuggets.

Bill Laimbeer, one of the "Bad Boys" from great Pistons teams of old, now has a radio show in the Motor City. True to form, he said that, if he were still playing, he would hack Shaq's already bruised thigh and try to inflict even more pain on him.

Nice guy, huh?

As for the Heat, why are so many crying in their coffee? Miami's own swept the first two series. Monday's game was close. (Not Chloe.) This was the Heaters first loss. It's a little premature to write them out, eh?

Remember the Red Sox!

Slyeyes pist her pants

Pass it on!

And somebody get her a towel will ya.

Isn't basketball season over yet? Sheesh.




Tell me about it, cin! We can only hope that next year the NHL will be back on and the NBA will be having a lockout.

pssst, sly has a piston in her pants - pass it on!

As much as I worship his Daveness, I must admit, I was rooting for the Pistons and I smiled a big smile when the won.. I don't like them just cause I happen to live in Michigan.. but because they are from Detroit.. and Detroit makes cars.. vroom! When Kentucky gets a basketball team I will also root for them, haha (that is where they make Corvettes). Of course I am simply assuming that they don't have one, cause I'm to lazy to look it up.

Sooner or later you Miami guys are going to learn stuff about Shaq that we Angelinos have known for years. It won't be pretty.

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