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May 20, 2005


Guys are so easy.

(Thanks to Ted Habte-Gabr, a known guy)


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King Wingbipeekaboo sees nothing wrong with this.

Room service for Kobe next time he's in Colorado.

Yep. I'd use that service every day.

I saw this one yesterday.

Capt., where you been?

I'm just so proud of the rampant (or rampart) entrepreneurship in this country!

I'm just so proud of the rampant (or rampart) entrepreneurship in this country!

There used to be a site called "baconwhores.com" (but I don't think I'll look into that from work) based on the same technique.

I'm sure their "tips" would rise when cooler weather sets in.

Brainy, I remember the bacon ho's - it was posted here on the blog! LOL


could be ho's bacon, OR bacon hos, but not the other way around.....:(

"Thank you for calling Toasty Chicks Delivery. How may I help you?"
"Yes, I'd like a breast sandwich, please."
"Chicken? Sure. Any kind of sauce?"
"Ummm... no, not what I meant."

sheesh. they might have to put down the remote to pay the bill. guess the delivery-girls will have to use waterproof pouches, what with getting all that drool-filled money...sigh.

wife: Honey, you already phoned in for some take-out, right?

husband:Yes I did. I certainly did.


*husband leaps about of couch*

husband: Oh, I'LL GET IT! I'll get the door, dear! Don't worry! Let me get that!

Wonder if they deliver to Prague?

CORRECTION: Because the predominantly heterosexual male construction crew will be way too distracted by the Toasty Chicks, better make that an "eight-year development at the Snowmass ski resort, not counting cost overruns."

Who ya gonna call,
Tight T shirts.....

Or, you could have a restaruant where women in snug t-shirts serve nothing but bad chicken wings!

Nah. It would never work.

alanboss - you're a HOOT(er)!

Hey guys! Well, looks like the press is having a hay-day on this!

I am the founder of Toasty Chicks Delivery, LLC- and I have to say that I appreciate the comments and all of the support that I have been getting! The more we are talked about- the happier I am! If anyone needs accurate info please feel free to drop me a line- Stay Toasty! T shirts anyone?

Rodney Millspaugh, Owner-
Toasty Chicks Delivery, LLC

figures Ted would post this

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