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May 17, 2005


Smile! We're on Candid Camera.

(Thanks to RussellMc)


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Spinning teeth? Does that have anything to do with a CD player motor?

Hey, that's cheaper than my son's dental work when he broke off his front teeth in gym.

Does it come with a root canal?

Now that's some serious bling bling.

fo shizzil.

I can't take it...

Spinning teeth? Does that have anything to do with a CD player motor?

I can't afford those.

But the aluminium foil that I've been using looks just like those.

In the stirring words of internationally renowned poetic visionary "8-ball" and his life mate "MJG" from the Tennessee repository of cultural sophistication "Orange Mound" in Memphis:

Every whur I go, b--ches strike up conversations wit' me.
About tha way I tawlk,
About tha way I dress,
About how my gold teef look so fresh.

Hey, it's cheaper than my son's dental work for his broken front teeth after a gym accident.

Does it include the root canal?

WOW do I hate the pointer they force on you in certain browsers on that site.

1:01 then 1:07
how'd do do dat?

wearin thoth thingths maketh ooo tawk lak thith

Hey, Pal - looks like you've got some spinach stuck between the two lobes of your brain.

Yo, dis'll go over dope wid da homies down in da hood.

wow - for what i pay for dental work - it should have bling in it. i dont suppose this blingy stuff is covered by blue cross....

They should market these to rednecks who win the lottery...

"Honey, I am trying to talk to you, would you please turn off your teeth?"

When I was a CDA I represented a guy who had gold and diamonds etched in his 3 front teeth spelling:

F - L - Y which turned out to be his "gansta" name!

True story....


That is all.

Isn't that supposed to be "Teef".

FCDA you need to write a book on your experiences.

That guy with the bug spray should have watched the episode of mythbusters where they already showed that it's quite possible to explode your home with bug spray. I never miss an opportunity to watch people blow a house up, myself.

It's good to know that the species of insect is not held responsible for blowing up his house.

No, Jimbo, it should be toofes. That's why you go to the toof dentist.

Wouldn't there need to be an attachement to the spinning teeth to hold the upper lip up so that the spinners don't rip the lip to shreds? Or is that another use for duck tape?

And just because it hasn't been said for a while...

Revenge of the Sith arrives in 1 day 10 hours 30 minutes and 5 seconds MST.

This has been a public service announcement. We now return you to your regularly scheduled thread. Thank-you.

So, for the spinning ones, is there a tiny motor, or do you have to spin them yourself?

Not toof or toofes but "grill" pronounced "greel" ... like "my cousin has a full grill" or "dat muffker cop was all up in my grill"

Can I say muffker on this wholesome, yet deranged website? I apologize .. but after gonopodiums and anal fins ... I thought the door was open.

Yo, fool! Wastin' money on clothes,
And suckin' that snow thu yo' nose,
Keep it tight, keep it real,
Spend dat bling on yo' grill,
Lissen up all you homies an' ho's!!!

MOTW - The FLY who went to prison for a few years after having stolen a PINK Cadillac that belonged to a NY Mobster who was driving through San Diego (digress ahead)
Mobster to FLY: Return the briefcase and the papers in the back seat or you will die!
FLY: All righty! (and the stuff was returned!)
(end digression)
Through the entire criminal proceedings FLY referred to the Judge as "Miss Alicia" (name changed), never as Your Honor, and he sent her Friendship Cards while he was in prison: Thinking of you, Miss Alicia, I really like you and bear no hard feelings
She was a very hot Judge and all the male attys were in love with her!


Spooky but, yes.

And "Hot Judges" WBAGNFARB.

One of the red squirrels who raid my bird feeders has teeth like this.

While on the subject, do you know how we know that the toothbrush was invented in New York?

Because if it had been invented anywhere else, it would have been called a teethbrush.


I beg to differ...it would have been called a toofbrush...

Ain't nary a one uh y'all what knows how tuh tawk.
One is a toof, when you a baby, it's a toofie, when you is all growed up - thems teefez, with a z.

What sparkling teeth u have grandma!

Thank you, Bangi, but my name is "King Wingbipeekaboo." Good try, though.

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