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May 20, 2005


Paul Anka covers The Cure.

(Thanks to Sharon Brennan)

UPDATE: Oh, nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

(Thanks to Wendi Martin)


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47th Anniversary in show business? Heck, Paul, I'm doin' better than that! And people like me.

Tears in heaven goes swing???? WTFOMGBBQ!

I personally think that Everybody Hurts should have been a polka, not swing. Could make the song really cheery!

WHO thought this was a GOOD IDEA???

"This is fun music, this is music to drink cocktails to"

Excuse me? What decade did you say you were from?

All I have to say is . . .



I think they meant music you HAVE to drink cocktails to.


He's done something I didn't think possible - made the music of the 80s even worse.

"Everybody Hurts"

yes, yes they do

Any record engineered by Al Schmitt with Vinnie Colaiuta on drums gets my attention.

You know, there are a lot of things Nirvana is credited with. Pushing along the grunge movement, selling a bunch of records, making Seattle cool so people would be open to the idea of paying six bucks for a cup of coffee, and giving drug addicts music to get stoned and hit stuff to. Does Paul Anka have anything to do with any of this?

The world may never know.

My ears are bleeding just thinking about this record!

Oh my holy god! It's got freaking Jorge Moraga on the viola!!!

I've been a huge fan ever since his solo on stage at Wankerfest in Des Moines.

I'm going to rush out and buy this album, just as soon as the Earth crashes headlong into the sun.

Ever hear of Richard Cheese? He does the same thing, covers mainstream songs as lounge. The main difference is: it is intended to be a comedy, it isn't one by default.

NW, I was just thinking the same thing, when I saw your comment.

Glad to see I'm not the only one.

Say what you will, but those are top LA studio and Philharmonic musicians on that album.

Not that I'd actually want to LISTEN to it, of course.

yes, bilge, richard cheese is very funny... his band is often on the radio here and i think i saw them on carson daly once.

Bilge, the scary thing is that Richard Cheese does it better.


I am very disappointed that "You're Having My Baby" is NOT on this album, I mean, DVD

just remember.... neil diamond is on tour!!!

Don't forget, NiftyWitch, if you want your ears to ACTUALLY bleed, just click on one of the nifty radio buttons next to the track titles.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go pick up some iodine, and eardrum bandages.

Sadly, it's not that bad.

Wait a minute! There's 14 songs all sung by the original bands!? NO WONDER the album's hip!

oh, HE's singing them????


Smells Like Teen Spirit

Well, I'll bet Paul Anka smells, but probably not like anything having to do with a teen.

Gary, must be his Bengay.

Or Aspercreme ...

What's he tryin' to do? Out-schmaltz Shatner?

I like Soundgarden, Paul Anka does NOT smell, and I enjoy a cocktail every now and then....

*hee, hee I said 2 dirty words in one word*

JUDI - I am sitting here slackjawed by your update. Can't anyone fire him? PLEASE?

Brainy -

I'm not ashamed to say that I love
The Donald - I like his pouty lips!!!
And Trump Tower!

A musical?

German opera deals with mythological creatures. Instead of a musical, it should be an opera in German.

What is the Deutch word for "apprentice"?

except in this opera it's not over until the guy with the hair fires you!

Paul Anka, Richard Cheese, sure. But first, there was "Pat Boone: In a Metal Mood."

You ain't heard nothin' until you've heard Pat cover "No More Mr. Nice Guy," and "Enter Sandman."

... or how about when Mr. Boone "covered" Skinny Dynamo's hit, but thot "Ain't" was in poor taste, so he rewrote it to be Isn't That a Shame ...

just in case any geezers forgot (and FYI to non-geezers) ... it tanked ... badly ...

(Goes out to thumb a ride on Geezer Bus ... uses rigid thumb held in position by splint ... too many meds in GI tract to be the driver ...)

alanboss - I can vouge for you, and my ears haven't been the same since.


Wow! You just out-geezered me! I'm not familiar with that particular cover. Now I'm gonna have to find it.

Kind of reminds me of the old Alan Sherman bit about "Elderly Man River."

Brain - Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering?

Pinky - Well, I think so Brain, but I can't memorize a whole opera in Yiddish.
from Cranial Crusader

Pinky - Umm, I think so Don Cerebro, but umm, why would Sophia Loren do a musical?
from Mouse of La Mancha

... um ... AlanBoss ... um ... Stan Freberg did Elderly Man River ... not sayin' Sherman din't also, but Freberg did it first ... sorry ... just bein' afull-bore Geezer ...

(I've got a bunch of Freberg's stuff ... including a United States of America Vol. 1 on vinyl still unopened! [the first one isn't quite worn out yet] and of course Green Christmas and a boxed set collection with VCR highlights and a CD collection of the final 8 radio shows ... I'm sorta a Freberg Freak, in case no one guessed ...)


Ooooh. Yep! You're (not your) right!

(heh! You out-geezered me again!)

Re: The Paul Anka album.

Having listened to the clips, I would like to give my instant review....

*wipes tears of laughter off her cheeks before she shorts out keyboard*
*continues laughing*

Man, they're not kidding when they say truth is stranger than fiction :D

Isn't there anything that can be done about Donald Trump? Honestly, who's a bigger threat to America - Osama Bin Laden or Donald Trump? Heck, at least it would be easy to find "The Donald."

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