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May 19, 2005


Tell us this will end soon.


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NOT SOON ENOUGH!!! (first?)

As much as I don't want to admit this, my brother-in-law decided to be one of these people at 12:40 this morning. It was quite the sight with all of the people lined up at Lowe's Theater last night.

And to think, there's not a girl with him. Who woulda thunk it?

not likely. but think on this: Neil Diamond is on tour. Now, which is worse?

Yes, and George Lucas is laughing all the way to the bank. The movies alone have brought in $3.5B, without this one. And some of that is at late 70s/early 80s prices.

As for girls, if you watch some of the news shows with film of the lines, we number maybe 1 in every 50.

Sorry Dave, not until every last nerd in America takes his pasty body out of his office and plunks down his last pennies.

This is a job for Darth Tater.

It's the nerd's version of painting his body with school colors and going shirtless to a college football game.

No, it will never end. Lucas is now working on re-releasing all 6 movies in 3-D. The man is a marketing genius.

And speaking of 3-D, am I the only one that remembers "Count Floyds 3-D House of Horrors and Steak Emporium"?

Poor guy. I think they have an unguent for that.

Question - can't you wait to put the mask on until you group up with similarly enthusiastic fans? Is it a rule or something that you have to walk thru the bus station with your sweaty rubber mask on?

Dave, it could be worse. Instead of just going to the movie, your wife could be saying I married a 'Star Wars' geek.

Of course, maybe he's rushing to catch up with this guy.

That's a great picture, C-bol, thanks for sharing. I heard on the news that one local theater showed this movie on all 18 screens at the same time to accomodate the crowd that turned up at midnight. Smithie00, you nailed it on the head. And oh! Jeff M, what a picture you hung on Smithie00's nail not until every last nerd in America takes his pasty body out of his office and plunks down his last pennies.
* shudder *
I'm gonna go get some hot cocoa now.

These people are way too loyal and forgiving of Lucas. The original three movies were good, but the new ones sucked rocks. You're right SteveB. He is, unfortunately, a marketing genius. Or else he hired one.

Happy anniversary, C-bol!
Are you gearing up for a wild night of the old "wicky wicky?" the "horizontal oompa dance?" the "wild west showdown, except without guns, unless you're using 'gun' metaphorically?" the "I'm sorry Billy, but sometimes mommys and daddys play dress-up?" the "Mr. Toad's Wild Ride?" the "Sticky Tilt-a-Whirl?" the "Insert Tab A into Slot B?" the... I'll stop now.

Pass the brandy, please.

For something a little easier on the eyes, I'm pretty sure this woman [random ramparts alert] was no where near the theater.

I'm starting to ♥ Yahoo news . . .

As a female Star Wars fan (albeit one who isn't into the whole costume thing) I object to a lot of this characterization. I am sleep deprived and caffeinated atm and loving it. Only wish the movie had been better, but that's a rant/whine for another day.

As for the Lucas 3D re-release mentioned above, if he REALLY wants to make money, he should release the newest trilogy in a new and improved version 'Now with a SCRIPT!'. But maybe that's just me...

I suppose I'll give them a pass for this simple, albeit quirky, pleasure. Afterall, my friends and I wouldn't want anyone passing judgment on us when we dress up in costume to attend the midnight showings of Showgirls.

Speaking of Showgirls, I suppose Lucas could have simply lifted the script from Showgirls and used it for Revenge of the Sith. You probably wouldn't have been able to tell the difference.

Speaking of Showgirls, I suppose Lucas could have simply lifted the script from Showgirls and used it for Revenge of the Sith. You probably wouldn't have been able to tell the difference.

i read that this latest movie also stinks, but the be-costumed souls dont care!! they will be endlessly debating 3 significant lines of dialogue or whatever, for the next year and a half. then they will go trick or treating with their closest friends, the trekkies. Annoying? yes. Dangerous? Nah.

May the farm be with you

I haven't seen any of the movies and am proud of it.

Thanks Fed,

I'm especially fond of Sticky Tilt-A-Whirl. However, as Deb is off in Dallas [insert inuendo w/movie title here], I've planned a rousing game of "grout the tile" instead.

Most women don't know what they're missin'. As an attractive, young, woman, I'll admit it's fantastically easy to be the "belle of the ball" at a nerdfest like opening day for a Star Wars flick. I had a great time. All it requires is but a little knowledge of the "holy trilogy" and the subsequent lesser two movies, and you're in!

Plus, it's not often that thereis no line for the women's restroom, but men have to wait! I love it!

I realize that this will probably fall on deaf ears and that the very flesh of my body will be picked clean from my bones for even suggesting this, but for those of us who are Star Wars fans who have a life, and actually don't plan to see the movie until a nice Saturday Matinee without the huge throngs of screaming, costumed fans, could y'all please refrain from posting any comments about the movie right away? I really would like to go into this movie without any pre-conceived notions generated by negative reviews. Negative reviews spoiled my ability to fully enjoy the last three Star Wars releases (Return of the Jedi, Phantom Menace, and Attack of the Clones).

Soapbox is now dismantled. Thank you.

That's a decent request, Schadeboy, and very politely stated.

When the stuffed-up nerds saw 'The Sith'
They took meds and unclogged forthwith
Then they formed their nose mucus
To look like George Lucas
An offering straight from geek myth!



Okay, so there were some girls there too . . .

Okay, so there were some girls there too . . .

Shade, to echo my friend MOTW, that is perhaps the most polite request I have ever read. Kudos to you. I wish we could clone you in order to save future generations, but then, of course, your clones would all attack. Bummer how that works.

I am the type of person that actually cares what the critics say about movies, and place more weight on their reviews than the general public. (I'm able to live with myself even after skipping almost all Adam Sandler movies) I'm surprised to see that the movie has gotten several good reviews.

Even after saying that, I'll probably skip the movie.

MOTW: I cried laughing at StoreWars!

Guess it was chilly that day. Big star like Natalie, you'd think someone would fetch her a sweater or rub her nipples or something.

Humph, I sent in the Darth Tater thing a month ago but NOOOOOOOOOO...
Judi likes Jeff best.


What ever are you talking about, Candy? Why do you besmirch the name of the One True Goddess (and former Cincinnatian) Judi? That is an indignity up with which I will not put!

Christobol - you say that like there's something WRONG with Natalie Portman's nipples???

The shaved head I can do without, but you can't have everything!

I LOVE Darth Tater!!!

I hope someone gives me one for Hanukkah :)

Can't be Dave, no blue shirt.

Is Ms. Portman auditioning for 'The Sinead O'Connor Story'?

I keep waiting to see a picture of Dave in a Jar Jar Binks outfit.

Higgy, I in no way meant to say or imply or even insinuate that Natalie's Nipples (agnfarb) are anything other than fully functional and appropriate breast parts. I only meant to give you an opportunity to volunteer to minister to them in whatever way seems tasteful.

Schade, are you sure it wasn't the last three Star Wars releases that spoiled your (not you are) ability to fully enjoy the last three Star Wars releases? That's where I'd place my bet.

Good movie, bad movie, who cares. It is a great excuse for me to get out of work and take in the mid-day show tomorrow. For one day I'll embrace my inner-geek.

Still waiting for Store Wars to load...

I'm just sayin'...when I sent in the Darth Tater thing nobody gave a spud.
It's hard to cope with rejection this early in the morning *snif*

So, someone who's seen the movie told me that at the end, there's a time lapse photography thing showing Natalie Portman morphing into old age, i.e., Debbie Reynolds, and Debbie Reynolds, in fact, has a cameo appearance as Queen Amidala dressed in a bedazzled veloure track suit (without exposed nippels) playing mah jong in a Boca Raton retirement community. Is this true?

No one has mentioned that Jabba the Hut (in the background of the photo) got glasses.

Oh, Cbol, make sure the tile and grout don't make any sudden, unexpected changes in position and you should be ok.

Candi, but judi didn't blog Jeff's Darth Tater either. He posted the link in the comments himself.

I think you should send judi flowers. And wash her car. And my car. I'm not sure why... don't think about it. You could pick me up some lunch, too, if it's not too much trouble. Oh yeah, and run the cats to the vet.

I had expressed to my associates my reluctance to go to the last Star Wars movie and have been under extreme pressure and threats to my person if I don't go. Is this what they refer to as
the dark side??

Yeah, like 28 years from now. Ugh.

uh....i think it was Sondra who linked us to
the "store wars" site `bout 2 wks ago. i remember
making a comment.
(but i still love the link and you motw):)

nurse - Even your coworkers took a moment to watch the Starwars trailer on the hospital's closed circuit TV.

Brainy-We are only allowed to watch shows like proper catheter placement and how to avoid rampant germs. And medical people are not allowed even to go to the bathroom, we have to void. Maybe I do need a little Darth in my life.

bj, it was just fine botched.

ps-great photo!!

BRB... I gotta go void.

Brain - Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering?

Pinky - I think so, Brain, but if we have nothing to fear but fear itself, then why does Elenor Roosevelt wear that spooky mask?

P.S. Elenor Roosevelt is in no way related to our beloved blogger Eleanor.

what is the phenomenon known as when bloggers like us gravitate to the thread at the top of a page?

`scuse me and please forgive the rant...BUT...
there is a very nasty people/animal porn site posted on the tail end (npi) of the last 2 posts

i know youngun's come to this site...Very rude
pictures...don't look...disturbing....horses!

Dave/judi?...Please...(i realize you can't be aware...sent ems a ways back)

end rant/carry on.

Peri: yer right, they herded 'em over to the right theater:

"Path of least resistance", perhaps?

I'm sorry Dave, I can't do that.

i know my youngun's visit here, and its Scarey
how much they "get"

HEY! Just Sayin - wasn't a link called Dog horse pig sex enough of a hint that it may be offensive?

("Mr. Brightside" by The Killers)
a song for Lord Vader...

Coming on to a screen
I've been doing just fine
Gotta gotta pay more
Until you've seen it all
It started off with the Force
(Could I use it? Of course!)
It was only the Force, it was only the Force
Now I'm winning a race
And I'm saving the Queen
Though I can't be a Knight
Obi-Wan's such a drag!
Now I'm losing a hand
And being cybernetic
On my honeymoon night
At least I still had my -face now
Barely a human trace now, let me go!
I just can't stop, it's filling me
With Jedi control!

Let the masses worship me
Put action figures on the shelves
Make Stoom Troopers pee themselves
But there's still a price I pay
(p.s. that Emperor's kinda gay)
Open up my evil eyes!
I'm Mr. Dark Side!

bj...i honestly thot it was gonna be a joke.
(as in doh)...you know...gumby type figures
or Sumpin!

i just don't Expect things like that....ick.

Geez - I'm not quite sure if you mean the ascii links or the surgery link.

Insomniac - That was awesome. I love The Killers.

Y'all - I sent an e-mail to Dave and judi regarding HEY!'s alert.

"thot it was a joke".. the barn door link.
was JK about the surgery pic. sorry if you thot
i was picking on you.

MOTW, Hope they're listening. I sent them one several months back about the same thing. I noticed that someone was posting at the end of the older topics. Look for yourself. Go to the archives and click on March 2005. Then click on the comments and scroll down to the bottom. It seems to be on every one. I'm not a tech head, so I don't know if there's anyway to block it. Tech heads? How bout it?

Hmmmm...I thought the surgery pic was good...it has already been passed around here with multiple captions.

Caption for surgery pic:

"This is the weirdest fondue party I've ever been to."

it's just that i hate needles.
didja see the size of those boogers?.

Candy, Judi didn't do anything. I just linked it myself. (I see Lab already corrected you.)

Hey, Lab, don't I get my car washed?

Mahatma, I could not believe the Miss Europe picture. The guy didn't even bother to get her head in the picture! (NTTAWWT)

Chris, heard a lot of euphemisms but "grouting the tile" is a new one. I hope the kids don't walk in.

Rufus, Judi has been kind enough to get NAVA to remove offensive spam before and I'm sure she'll do it again when notified.

caption-it's been 10 minutes hasn't Jack Bauer shot anyone yet??

Washed and waxed, Jeff. Washed and waxed!

BULLETIN - that was your daily digest by Hon. Jeff Meyerson.

BULLETIN - that was your daily digest by Hon. Jeff Meyerson.

Urgent Turtle Update:

The Felixcam has not been updated all day. It keeps refreshing to the same still image. I think it's obvious to everyone what has happened. The terrorists have kidnapped Felix!

We should, at the very least, dispatch Jack to shoot someone in the thigh.

MOTW: Looks as if today is your day for the dreaded No. 29 - DOUBLE POST.
(If this double-posts I'll scream . . . )

Jeff: Looks as if the photographer decided to take one that included her head (I wondered 'bout that too). Take 'yer pick.

For the record, I saw the movie at midnight last night and sat right by a very hawt chick dressed as Princess Amidala. I didn't talk to her or anything, but it's a start.

MKJ - but I'm getting bettah! I'm not dead yet. I feel like taking a walk!

Wondering...Obi Wan has taught you well!

Good movie, bad movie, who cares. It is a great excuse for me to get out of work and take in the mid-day show tomorrow. For one day I'll embrace my inner-geek.

MKJ she has a nice face.. don't y'all think?

Who is this Darth Vader?

All these years, I thot it was Darth Voider ...

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