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May 23, 2005


It's the 24 game!

(Thanks to go_fish)


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i hate to tell these guys, but playing videogames for 24 hours straight is not exactly new.

Duppy Demetrius?

Do you lose points if you shoot them in the head? I mean, assuming you knew they were going to lie anyway?

...several of the television show's actual stars will lend their talents to the game's production with Kiefer Sutherland...

And said talents would be?

does is have to be in the thigh ?

Hey, anybody free tonight, say, between 8 and 11 pm? My kitchen needs remodeling. I'll provide chips!

anybody? anybody?


Questions abound:
- Will it feature Jack using sheep's blood for antivenom?
- Will it feature ImhoTerrorist saying "Meep meep"?
- Will it feature the patent-pending Ipex bra by Victoria's Secret?
- Is there going to be a Dodge Spring Sales Event?
- Will Acting President AllState be able to stay out of the crisis?

Most importantly:
- Will it be available for the Xbox? Well, don't answer that. I already know. *sigh*

Do you realize how difficult it for me to keep up with the blog ANYway ... ??? (One-handed, and all ...)

And now there's a video game (which I mostly don't do them at all) about a TV crapola thingy which I care nothing about (except to read the blog commentary) ... and ... I'm supposed to ...

I think not ... and that is NOT a coincidence ...

So, I'll just watch, if that's OK ...

The photo caption under the pic of Jack running reads: "Jack Bauer is probably the unluckiest guy in LA . . . ever."

Er, no. I think that distinction is shared by all the guys Jack has shot in the thigh . . . or elsewhere.

*********Sulks off to find a life************

I, for one, am looking forward to an entire summer where I won't have to constantly respond to every demand with, "I'm on it!"

Original_E - does is have to be in the thigh ? - not for Awwwdrey. She can take about twenty two rounds in the kisser.

I will spend the entire game shooting Audrey!

And here I was hoping, stupidly it turns out, that I'd get through a Monday here at the blog without having to read any references to "24".

where is the screen shot of digital chloe?

Will the game periodically pause to display Allstate commercials?

Here, dennis.

Little sister don't you do what your big sister done.

Anybody seen my slow kissin' cousin?

Get the gun red I smell like a camel's ass.

Ten, twenty thiry forty fifty or more give some of that chicken red.

Auck Ta Liva and girls, girls, girls.

They say it's 24 the video game, but the running around and shooting people part makes it sound a lot like Miami: The Video Game.

They say it's 24 the video game, but the running around and shooting people part makes it sound a lot like Miami: The Video Game.

They say it's 24 the video game, but the running around and shooting people part makes it sound a lot like Miami: The Video Game.

Sorry about that, forgive me? (or my computer, depending on who you blame for the triple-post.)

Off topic....

Daid any of the other bloglits that commented on the "Toasty Chicks" story a couple of days ago get this in their email today?

"Hey Alan-

Just wanted to let you know that it is, in fact working very well here in Aspen! All of this press has really launched in a direction I thouight never possible! I m just happy that people are still talking about us!

I appreciate the comments- :)

Keep 'em coming!
Kind regards,

Rodney Millspaugh, Owner
Toasty Chicks Delivery, LLC"

I mean "Did." >

Doh! I accidentally shot my Playstation in the thigh.

I just hope the video game programmers give Chloe bigger breasts and a better personality. After we filmed the season finale, I took her back to my house to drink some 2 buck Chuck and watch some Ron Jeremy. Later that night, she yelled "Oh Jack, shoot me in the thigh again." Anyone know what that's about?

You have to be kidding me! The Chinese spammer started out as a Frenchie? Well, since I've played the "24" game to the point of actually shooting people in the thighs to move to the next level I can honestly say it was pretty cool. Especially interogating people and getting to be Kim and tasering myself over and over.

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