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May 19, 2005


Oh yeah, and it's better to give than to receive.

(Thanks to MOTW)


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I won't make any comments about 'giving someone the finger.'

Who Are these people?

That's a good point.

Apparently this man is not aware of Workmans Comp.

Didn't the finger have a manicured nail on the end of it? What kind of construction worker is THAT???

Still, it beats the Runaway Bride crap

"I believe he got caught in something" states his mother- no frickin kiddding

"My son is the victim in this."

RIIIIiiiiggggghht. The victim.

I guess he thought it was gonna be made into a necklace or something.

Why is it that the parents always stay stupid stuff like this? When their little angels are caught with the smoking gun in stand, standing over the body, you can usually count on ma or pa saying "Junior would NEVER do something like that!"

If it was one of my kids and if they were wrong, I'd open the police car door. I'd pay for a good defense - but not the OJ/Jackson style.

I thot the other guy was a waiter or something and he wanted to leave a tip but couldn't break a twenty . . .

I guess I should proofread before hitting "Post."

That's "parents always SAY," not "stay."

And "smoking gun in HAND," not "stand."

{leaves the room, blushing}

Is it just me or does she look like a strange cross between Roseanne and whoever played her daughter from the TV show?

Mike - Ew. Creepy observation. You're right.

*runs to doorway*

"Trystan! Come back! We barely even noticed! Like most things!"

if I cut my finger off my first thought would be - can the doctors sew it back on? NOT Will you give me $50 for a severed finger?

Sarah Gilbert? Also, the Computer Nerd in 24, briefly, in the first season. Until she got shot (I think).

Yeah, she kinda looks like them, if I squint.

Yes, that's who I first thought of, i.e. white trash.

"I believe he got caught in something, and he didn't understand what was going on."

Yeah, it's called a paver, lady, and maybe if he hadn't had 12 beers with lunch he might still have it.

What's so strange. I've often sold fingers for even less than $50.

Oh, not my own fingers, mind you.

Anyway, he should have claimed Gollum took it.

Totally unappetizing. So I'm skipping dinner and diving right into dessert. Green & Black's milk chocolate bar. Where no stray fingers dare to go.

Talk about your creative debt solutions.

Pretty much off-thread, but I'm back ...


blogging will be slow and/or limited because I broke my arm yesterday, and it's slow going to type and stuff with my wrist in a splint ...

I hope it gets easier when the cast is on ...

Carry on, I can still read ...

"psssst. Wanna buy a finger?"

hi U.O,
saw your note on last thread (pls cnsder ? answrd)
wow...sorry to hear...glad you're back...
missed you.

I think U.O could use at least five fingers right about now....

is this the end of this saga, or will it be a reality movie of the week or whatever?

Unfortunately, queensbee, probably two movies on cometing channels. And a special episode of CSI.

Law & Order, however will use the run away bride for their special.

Too bad American Gladiator isn't around any more. We could have the run away bride vs the finger lady.

Forget American Gladiator. Let's put 'em on Celebrity Boxing! (Not that I'd ever watch that show...)

Go, MOTW, you got clairemartined.

Hey, U.O,

You awake? Missed you. Sorry your arm hurts. Casts do help, by stabalizing things, so you don't have to.

Bought a restaurant while you were gone. Chisme. If want to google it, put in Guatemala, as well.

golfwidow - you got clairemartined ... is that anything like having my house t.p.'d?

Trystan, I work with any teacher or administrator regarding any of my offspring misbehavior. ADHD son was being obnoxious during a museum fieldtrip and got OCS (on-campus suspension) the next day. I asked the teacher specifically what he did, asked my son what he did. He forgets that teacher and I can e-mail each other. I told her to make him write a four page report on what he learned at the museum (single space, no pictures) while he was in OCS. Yeah, open the police car door for them - that's good. I hope I never have to, but I'll remember that. Thanks!

Are you happy now? I sent in this story too, but judi posted yours first this time(I won on the kudzu story). I think judi was just feeling sorry for you. Hmph!

Kendall - tell you what let's do. I'll buy the first round and toast to your health and prosperity. You bring the kudzu. Friends?

Deal. Except you can have the kudzu-gives me a terrible hangover.

And we must toast the Stealth Bloggerette, judi smith - CHEERS! *clink*

here here.

Cbol, that gives me a great idea!

For years people have been leaving random body parts lying around on the sidewalks and such in my neighborhood, and I've always thought to myself, "what if there were a way to profit from all these random body parts?" to which myself responds, "you're thinking out loud again, and people are looking at you oddly and briskly walking away." But that aside, I'm starting Big Earl's Mule Ranch and Body Part Emporium, and you can be a partner if you like.

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