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May 18, 2005


No, really, it hurts.

(Thanks to Jessica R.)


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OUCH!!!!! OUCH!!!!

Oh, Dave. This is yesterday's newz, or even the day before yesterday . . . I forget. I mean, really, Punky has already made a sign.

Couldn't read it.

Yet another penis story...and they accuse ME of having a one track mind!

So, did the guy have to wear a cast? Makes finding pants a challenge, eh? Does he have to undergo physical therapy?

"negligent sexual intercourse"?

Do I want a lap dance? Uh... no thanks...

I would be so proud if I broke a man's
d!@k. "Haha, take THAT you scoundrel, I broke your d!@k"

I wouldn't be so proud if my name was Mary Moe.

``One cannot, as a matter of public policy, consent to becoming a victim of an assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon in the course of a sexual relationship,''

Dangerous weapon.....heh heh he he hee

"Hey, Moe!"
"Oh -- wise guy, eh?" (woop woop woop)
(Pokes finger in Curly's eye)
"OW! That hurt!"
"Ah shaddup, you're lucky I didn't break your d!@k, ya moron."


*reminder to self: if ever single again, watch out for women with first name 'casey' . . . *

*reminder to self: if ever single again, watch out for women with first name 'casey' . . . *

hahahahahahaha "lengthy recovery"

Bucket - *snork*

I broke one once. He deserved it.

so if they were to reconcile and have children would their last names be Doe-Moe or Moe-Doe?

Secondly, can one get a ticket for negligent sexual intercourse?

First, to show some compassion, I am sure that he has suffered physically and mentally from this injury. Second, ahahahahahaha!! (not showing compassion).

This reminds me of a story where a man had to be surgically removed from his girlfriend because he tried to "dive" into her and ended up folding his manhood.

All the more reason to take it slow and enjoy the scenery, you know?

("Heartbreaker" by Pat Benatar)

Your love is a hurricane, blowing out of control,
You change positions in mid-stream, now I'll never be whole!
It's the wrong kind of sexplay, to treat me like a trampoline,
Despite what I might say, it's flesh-and-blood, not a machine!

You're a d*ck breaker, scream maker
Mr. Johnson ain't a toy
You're a d*ck breaker, scream maker
Hope you find another boy.

Some risks are worth taking ....So are they still together ?

All I can say is thank goodness this wasn't about eating squirrels or hogs' brains or bacteria levels in food.... It was good to laugh rather than trying to keep from hurling!!

Schadeboy, I like your thinking....:)

That's why I stick (heh) with Andy the Wonderdoll.

Painful Injury
All the males are now cringing
Ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch.

This is not a good haiku.

I really don't feel comfortable with this topic. Honestly, it makes me squirm in my chair. Guys, I think we have all had a scare or two in our day. Can you imagine?!
Maybe this is why my mom is always telling me to get to know the girl first.

I knew Dave would like this article, but I didn't realize that a "boner" could get broken.


just so you know, "Casey" is not my real name. Be careful......be very careful. You never know exactly who I am or where I'll be.

Have a good day!

"...and then there's the whole penis-thing."

Is this the "penis-thing"?

ducks back behind the 6-foot stack of papers on her desk

(paperless office my aunt fanny!)

Witchie -- there's a penis in your Aunt's fanny??

I followed a truck home tonight with this sign on it, perhaps it belongs to that woman.... "Stump Grinding"

wow. I can't believe nobody commented on this:

The man's lawyer, John N. Greenwood

green wood is hard to break.

The injury required emergency surgery and a *lengthy* recovery.
Har Har.

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