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May 24, 2005


Look no farther.

(Be sure to watch the video)

(Via Gizmodo)


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The firewall at work prevents me from watching the video. Sigh...

that's a shame, Victoria, because they really do look pretty darned silly.


why waste precious human energy when we can just use a motorized boat or personal watercraft?

Two Key Quotes:

"this change of angle converts some lift into forward thrust."
"He has spent eight years developing more than 70 different prototypes and is now keen to get his invention onto the market."

All he needs is a little thrust.

What good is a device designed to provide entertainment if you have to work to make it go? Let's consider other popular water-vehicles:

- Jetski...hmmm...no, no work involved in making it go.

- Sailboarding...nope...none there either.

- Speedboat...none there either.

- Surfboard...I see no work involved in making it go.

I think I sense a trend. I predict that this will sell a few units, but it will not take off. Put a motor on it, though, and maybe you've got something.

If I wanted to do that much work to move about in the water, I'd swim.

Pumpabike Marketing Department Meeting
Mktg Boss: You've all just seen the video of our new Pumpabike product. What I'd like now is for us to come up with a strategy for selling these.
blank stares
Mktg Boss: Jim, perhaps if you summarize your impressions from watching the video, it would help get our brains pumping. *snickers at himself*
collective eye rolls from all but the kiss-ups
Jim: Well, let's see... this is a human powered device. Glides across the water as you jump on it? Is that right? So, we want people to jump up and down and glide across the water....
Roger: Doesn't sound like it will be a hit with the elderly! LOL
Carol: Or the physically unfit.
Jim: Leaves me out! I'd have a heart attack in two minutes with this thing! LOL
Boss: Alright, focus people. We need to present our approach by 2:00. Give me something to work with here!
Everyone: Uh... I quit.

"Quick Robin, to the Pumpabikes!"

"He's getting away!"

"Jump faster, Robin!"

"Holy Pogo Pranks, Batman! Even I feel silly on this!"

A lot of MY forward propulsion is generated through my rear hydrofoil....*pppfftthhsstt*

('scuse me)

Man, it'd be pretty hard to beat a kangaroo on one of these.

Nice rear hydrofoil, Punky!

One thing I've never figured out about foils is, does the shiny side go up or down?

Are you losing sleep over this, Robert?

You know, they did look pretty silly, but my Inner Geek was saying "Cool!" ... I don't think I'd pay $800 for one, but I might pay $5 for 10 minutes to play with one, just to try it.

I wanna see a video of Dave testing one ...

Silly? Yes, but I suppose they could look even sillier.

I think they should provide speical ones for the USCG.. I'm sure we'd look pretty hard core bouncing up and down as we chase drug trafficers and oil spills.

All I can think of are my swinging old upper appendages and how they'd look on that thing.

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