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May 20, 2005


Otherwise, the terrorists will have won.

(Thanks to Chuck Newman and queensbee and xmnr)


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"There is no protocol on something like this." Really? Are you sure that leaving the camel on her wouldn't have made a better statement of art?

I'm a little unnerved that this qualifies as "Breaking News" to the AP wire....

It was just Camel Joe taking a smoke break. Or trying to get kids hooked on paint, or painting fences, or something.

C'mon - it's really FUN to paint the fence!

Hmmm, someone in the town of Bethlehem owns a camel, eh? Was the owner's name Joseph?

"...the property owner helped move the 1,500-pound camel off the woman, who was having trouble breathing"

How can you tell if a camel is having trouble breathing? Must've been from all those cigarettes.

C'mon - it's really FUN to paint the fence!

Officials declined to release the names of the painter or the property owner who owns the camel.

And the camel's name was...?

"Yes, 911? I seem to have a camel sitting on me, and, well, I hate to bother, but I'd rather it not be."

"Not be what?"

"Quite so heavy, for one thing."

"I'll have to get you over to wildlife control, can you hold please?"


*twiddles the thumb that's not under the camel*

"Hello, this is wildlife control and small engine repair."

"Yes, I need an engine repaired."

"Ok, what engine?"

"The one capable of lifting this GD camel off of me."

"Ok, we seem to have an opening on Tuesday."

"That won't work. I have a mongoose scheduled to sit on me Tuesday."

"Ok, how about..."

"How about you come out here and get this #%&*ing camel."

"Oh, you mean Habib? We wondered where he got off to."

"Never mention getting off anywhere to someone under a camel."

You know, if a camel was near me, I wouldn't turn my back on it. And I sure wouldn't stand there facing it and not notice that it was lowering itself on top of me.

i'm not sure what i would do if there was a camel in the vicinity, except probably light up.

Being the avid outdoors woman that I am, i.e. camping at the Hyatt is as primitive as I get, I can tell you from my forays to the zoo that you should be able to smell a camel coming from approximately 200 yards. I even factored in the paint smell because I have smelled the camel from the zoo parking lot when the wind is right. There should have been no element of surprise.

See the side bar?

"Win a trip to Britain Roll over to win!!!!

*begins rolling around living room floor*

Wonder how they notify me when I win?

*opens Book of Protocols*

Camel Lites
Camel Spit
Cat in Tree
Chicken J-Walking


It is easier for a camel to sit on a fence-painting woman than a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

Nah, doesn't work.

"...helped move the 1,500-pound camel off the woman, who was having trouble breathing."

No shite, Sherlock!

Yea Jeff! Mine too!

D'art & Jeff & Kibby — only the camel's name was changed to protect the innocent. Innocent camels, I guess. And would Innocent Camels BAGNFARB?

Yes, rowrbazzle, it would.

*recorded statement to insurance company*

I was outside painting a fence and this camel just up and sat on me.



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