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May 18, 2005


Wait until you see the FelixCam.

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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I just can't handle all the excitement!!!

King Wingbipeekaboo, for once, is totally speechless.

A snail is mugged in Central Park. A few hours later the police are asking him about the muggers:

"It was a couple of turtles."

"Can you describe them?"

"You kidding? The whole thing was over so fast."

Hey, Burp's a girl! Someone called me a dude a while back. What we really need is a BurpCam.

That's nothing! You should visit my site with the hamster cam. Oh wait, they made me take that down. Nevermind.

words fail me.

These guys are about as lively as the animals at (my *sniff* beloved) Lincoln Park Cemetery.

To all of you, I propose the ToasterCam.
I will put a heat-resistant webcam in my toaster, and have a live feed on my website. (I might try Dave's toaster/pop-tart experiment later)

Holy CrapCam!

I can't believe what I just saw!
Jack Bauer came in and shot Felix in the leg!
And ImhoTerrorist/Marwan was in the backgrou...MEEP MEEP!...uh...never mind...

The elusive Madame Martin

Be SURE to check out the "Turtles Gone Wild" link!

Warning! NSFWIYCFOTP! (Not safe for work, if your company frowns on turtle porn!)

The elusive Madame Martin

Now if I saw THIS, I would be excited:

Introducing the Frankfarter, the patented hot dog that you grill with your own gas! As an added bonus, the FartCam can capture random people around the globe lighting their own farts.

Who would provide the buns?


King Wing is not one to judge, but he frankly thinks that Alex is losing his marbles.

re: the "turtles gone wild" link...the 3 stacked...is it me or does the one in the
middle look Really... surprized?

Okay, time for another blog plug. Someone mentioned a fart cam? Great timing! See my site for details.

ribbit. wait, what's my cousin doing on this site?

What does it say about this blog (and its readers) that people only clicked the turtle porn link?

(I admit it, it's the only link I chose, too)

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