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May 20, 2005


Balasubramanya, better known as "Snake" Shyam, has now a running mate, T.V. Ashok Kumar, who also responds favourably to the calls of people for catching the snakes.


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Snakes, why did it have to be snakes....

Oh yeah....."FIRST!"

(REALLY thinking about getting a life...)

Actually his real nickname to the people who know him is 'Only Pretends to Release Them but Actually Eats the Snakes Barbecue-style' Shyam

Ya know, if this guy would just KILL the evil slimey little bastards instead of releasing them back into the forest, maybe he wouldn't have so much business...oh, wait...Veeeery clever...

I know when I summon the Great and Powerful Spider Killing Machine (my hubby), I don't allow him to gently shoo the evil arachnids out into my yard....squishing is mandatory.

(STILL considering the whole Get-A-Life thing...)

He may be contacted at RIE campus on Ph: 2514095. * programs that into speeddial *

This guy is 36 years old and has been catching snakes for 25 years ... no child labor laws?

It's a labor of love, MOTW.

Yeah... I got nothin'

Child labor laws? Sure! If the kid can find work he has to do it.

Child labor laws? In Guatemala, they sell trinkets to the tourists in the street at the age of 3, chaperoned by their 5 year old sibling, who has 2 years exp. All the money goes to the parents, until they marry. Then their parents build them a house.

"......workshop attendant-cum-tractor driver..."


Casey, Cum-tractor driving is an ancient and respected profession in Mysore.

Of course, so is mule-breeding, so we can just take this story at face value.

Mysssssore is sssssizzzzzling today!

psssst - D'Art sssssizzzzles - pass it on!

Or so I've been told!

I've searched all over Google, but I can't figure out what WTGBBQ means. Would someone please enlighten the old lady?

Nancy It doesn't mean anything it is a nonsense acronym when something is just so randomly weird.

"Weasel" - thank you. I am now enlightened. I also feel randomly weird...

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