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May 18, 2005


(Thanks to David Yancey)


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Art is anything you can get away with.

Let's hope the Boston man with the yanked crank doesn't see these legs.

Strategically placed foliage? Would that be a bu... no, i just can't say it.

Ok....what did you guys do? My office internet firewall won't let me back into the EEL story comments due to a "Banned Combination Phrase"

Of all the things I've read in this blog, I'm DYING to know what FINALLY was so bad my office had to ban it!

"Trimming the foliage" every spring would take on a whole (not hole) new meaning. And would (not wood) involve much larger pieces of electrically powered machinery than most women would be comfortable with.

Maybe the second line of this Cheri?

"When something swims by
And bites into your thigh
That's a moray"

That is all I can see as a possibility.

Thanks, Lou, but it's not that (seeing as how I am still here, and I could read it in the original post)

Hmmmmm......they don't ban "bush" and "hole"...I can't figure it out....

Lou - aaarrrggghhh! :)

"Art is anything you can get away with."
I guess if you commit a crime and aren't caught, you can call yourself an artist.

MKJ, glad to see you recovered from the hiccups.

This joker has probably been drawing these on public bathroom stalls since he was 13. And now it's a sculpture.

3-D Graffiti.

Hmmm. 3-D Graffiti WBAGNFARB.

Curses, my first POST to the blog, and I don't get full credit because Judi used my REAL name instead of my ALIAS . . .

Oh well, at least I know it's me.

You've been outted.

Rufus, tell me about it . . . i even signed "AKA - Sarcasmo", but to no avail.

it kinda looks like 'Law&Order:SVU' meets "The Attack of the 50ft. Woman"

Maybe you should start a support group for people outted by Judi.

I wrote for a newspaper in North Carolina for a few years. This story is a wonderful example as to why I no longer live there.

"The Vance County district attorney told NBC-17 state obscenity laws may stick, but he has more important crimes to worry about."

Two legs are obscene?!

This is the same state that banned the Pulitzer Prize-, Tony Award-winning play "Angels in America."

And, no, based on my experience and observations, they will NEVER grow up.

I hereby call to order the inaugural meeting of the People Outed By Judi Club (henceforth POBJC).

Sound off.

Wow. Looks like you're (not your)the charter(and only) member of the POBJC there Sarcasmo. On the bright side, you can make all the rules.

oops, sorry; would you rather have sarcasmo? i'll change it!

I object!

Key quote:
If they learned a little bit more about this and stayed away from drugs, they'd be better off," Pearce said.


Judi, no biggie, don't go to any trouble on my account.

Holy cow, I used to live there.

ptm, Didn't EVERYONE? At least for roughly Nine Months.

"...hot legs, you wear me out,
I love ya honey!"

can't help but remember Joe DiM
if he hated MM's skirt blowing up,
whut would (not wood) he've thunk about This?!


just wanted to use that expression, it's new to me

Would Spread Legs BAGNFARB?

I know a North Carolinan who's come to California, and is a (to put it mildly), "Wild Child." I guess it makes sense, they'd leave their suppressed area and think it's okay to go all out nuts just because Cali's for the fruits and nuts?

There are some normal people here. Some. The weird ones are those who escaped their home states to weird themselves out here, IMHO.

-Not the slightest bit weird

(okay, maybe a little!)

Somehow I get a mental picture of the boys at the nearest fraternity house counting the days 'til the first snowfall heavy enough to build a suitable snowman.

This reminds me of that scene in Patch Adams where to greet the OBGYNs Patch builds giant legs on either side of the doors to the hospital.

Sarah J, don't forget Patch's classic line:

Welcome Gynos, At your Cervix


it sounds like you just dont get the picture. artist ricky pearce

The good,the bad and the ugly. Everyone thinks something different . Opinion, main thing , its yours, depends on what you like . Mine is I love women , I am a artist so I decided to do this sculpture for myself so the public could see, not to discriminate on religon or color or no shame, its the human body, what you are told and tought , no fear just love . This is my symbol, my flag, my fun, My hobbie . Enjoy Artist Ricky Pearce

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