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May 20, 2005


Land of culture.


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'Splendid loos' bwahahaha!


Nice picture. Why does the one guy have several specimin vials?

More efficient just to pour the champagne DIRECTLY into the "loo"?

Apparently England does not have the equivalent of OSHA, which frowns on dispensing drinks from urinals.

What are those people doing over there, that they need to build bathrooms like prisons. Does their awful food exit the digestive system at dangerous velocities?

Sondra - it makes it all the easier to clean after they clear the sewer mains with high pressure jets.

"Yaaaay! Good job! You used the potty! Big boy!! You get a treat!!"

That guy is waiting to refill the empty "champagne" glasses.

Who remembers Michael Palin banging on the door and saying, "Have you finished in there" during the Monty Python's Flying Circus sketch, "The London Philharmonic Orchestra Goes to the Lavatory"?

Oh, just me.

Never mind.

Mmm... Michael Palin...

Anyone else have still have a serious crush on him?

Oh, just me?

Nevermind. (Good! More Palin for ME!!)

"Would sir care for a glass of champagne or a cigar to entertain sir?"


"Certainly we have a fine selection of Pinot Noir, sir! What year would you prefer?"


"An excellent choice sir. And your bidet attendant will be with you presently."

"Hrrgh." *plop*

Oh, Fed!! Thank you for the laugh!!!

I always liked Eric Idle.

The British Toilet Association? Really? I wonder if you have to be elected to the Association or if you just have be in a toilet-related business. I presume the British Toilet Association only has jurisdiction over public loos; imagine if they came to your house and inspected your personal loo?

Anyone want photos of the urinals at our new high school? They're almost unused. So far.

Sorry Tamara, but Michael Palin has been mine for years...I always thought he was hot...and he still looks good too!

closes eyes...heavy sigh...

Guests enjoyed a champagne reception under Oxford Circus, as a four-piece orchestra played.

Really? A four-piece orchestra? That's kinda like a 10-man army.

CCTV? In the loo?

D'Art - *snork*
well said, and good analysis also! LOL

Welcome to our new Loo Sir. My name is Cedric and I will be your server tonight.
Well, Thank you, Cedric.
May I interest you in little bubbly, Sir.
Thanks Cedric, Don't mind if I do.
Do you mind holding this while I take a sip?
Not at all sir. We are here to help.


Gosh, I'm proud to be British! ;-)

D'Art - of course, it's a chamber orchestra!

MOTW, personally I'd rather have an 80-piece symphony orchestra present when I go to the loo.

Yes Lisa I can see how proud one would be seeing this splendid display of British waitpersonship. He scores maximum points in the deportment category for keeping the drinks tray perfectly level while simultaneously taking a leak "no hands".
Jolly good show, what!

Thomas Crapper would be proud...

The real story behind the 11 eleven attempts - an hypotesys.

Year 1997, a room class in hebrew university.

A young student were studiying pc operation in a class when he bored and searching for fun started to draw funny draws in his notebook of svastikas and jews marching through a "soap machine". That is a sense of black humour very common in patagonia, between the survivors of the concentration camps in the '70s. A jew, another student ask the student to read some notes from the notebook, and this student gives him the notebook with the hope the "jew" understand it is simply a joke and to eventually request the correspondant apollogies. Nevertheless, the arrogant attitude of the jew prevented this thing to happen. After that, the "jew" showed the notebook to some autorities and then to intelligence organysms, and they decided to play a joke, creatin the character of Osama Bin Laden, suposely seemly this student and some friends of him. This character was "too quickly" published in journals of extreme right around the globe, and the rest of the press had to accept his existance, maybe under pressure or by convenience. The intelligence organisms started then a campaign of seeking of this person, which affected several people. This person is aparently someone important between the centre and centre left. That campaign angered very quickly wide sectors of patagonian society, which had to deal with a distorsionated reality, which converted people in "childs" or "dwarfs". That provoked a domino effect which derived in the terrorist attempts.

The reality now.

After the faliure of the american intervention in middle east, the democratic party saw the oportunity to block the influence of bush. That provoked a change in the "stupid" media campaign, helping the jews and some collaborationists against the patagonian people, being umiliated and demostrated the culpability and silly conduct of the jewish extreme right, and its irresponsible attitude which put in danger the world stability.

I bah papah.

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