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May 19, 2005


We report; you decide.

(Thanks to many observant people)


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How do they not it's a fake?

British museum visitors: not observant, not interested or too polite to point it out?

I meant 'How do know they not know it's not a fake?'

They know not that it's no fake knot.

trollye == >> TOOT!


..at least his rock was well hung...

The most disturbing part of the whole thing is the hairy back on that poor pseudo prehistoric stick man, I bet it's a man that patrols that part of the museum, a woman would have spotted that immediately.


Dear Sire Barry,

The colour matched perfectly, even whilst humourously, there was no mention
of the piece in the programme. Lest anyone overanalyse the situation, kindly apologise for your remark and we shall move along with candour! We harbour no ill towards you.

The Museum Staff

MKJ - they do not know that it's not a fake because the shopping cart was from the Paleolithic era!

El. - we've all had shopping carts like that...

i had that shopping cart just last week at price chopper. very squeaky!
very good hoaxing! bwaaahaaa

Too bad the BM was so darn good-humo(u)red. Takes some of the fun out of it.

Right, Sandy, I thought that too. We needed a really pompous response but didn't get it.

It may not bagnfarb, but Art Hoax sounds like a game show host. Maybe "Supermarket Trolley" would be a hit in England?

Personally, and impersonally, I see nothing funny about goofing with art.

yes, if 'banksy' had tried that stunt in the Louvre... well, it would have been similar to what happened to the curator in 'The DaVinci Code'

now, when they find out the Rosetta Stone is the world's first 'pyramid scheme' ,"make 10 copies of this obelisk and despatch them into neighbo(u)ring provinces,..."

I was going to make a crack about the prehistoric artist getting snippy about the anachronism and insisting that the museum apologize to her, but I decided that would be just too petty of me.

So, there is such a thing as being an art prankster? Is this a major in one of those East Coast - South England libel arts places?

I like some of his other prank art. Ooh, an artist, going way radical and putting up anti-war stuff. That's pretty daring. Way to stand out of the crowd.

This drawing is obviously a fake because the shopping cart wheels appear to be rolling strait. Prehistoric man surely had not overcome the problem of the wobbly wheel which confounds scientists to this day. Shopping carts actually predate man and therefore the wheel. Many dinosaur skeletons have been found with shopping carts, some with tiny baby dinosaur fossils still sitting in the child seat part. Extinction theorists suggest that if dinosaurs had invented the wheel they would not have died from starvation for the lack of being able to shop properly.

can anyone post to the latest test entry of Daves?

no, wondering.

but we can rebel against this technological lockout by posting on it here!

power to the posters!

Yeah, I wanted to post to it so I could say, "Now that I've got you on the phone..."

*zips in to say - neener*
I posted on the cell phone site
*looks around innocently*
Are y'all having a problem?

Cheesewiz: Did you mean South England liberal arts places or did you want to stick with South England libel arts places? :)

*zips out to avoid being hit with Rosetta Stone, or a reasonable facsimile*

Just askin'....:)

"Well how was I supposed to know? You guys make me put up all kinds of art that seems rediculous!"

Another hoax, like the Bible.

On the actual first page of the first bible there's a note that says "Hey, Joachem, check out this really WACKY story I thought up about this carpeneter dude..."

...bet you didn't know Jesus was a CARPENETER...

No, Jesus wasn't a CARPENETER, he went around all the time saying "CARPE NETER" or "Seize the Neter!" That's how he got all those follwers, people just wanted to see what the hell a neter was.

Or followers, even.


Uh-oh! (Not you U.O.) The spammers are out early on this thread!

Sorry to hear about your arm. My hubby is medicated right now, too. He was involved in a MVA on Monday evening and did "something" to his back. The ER said that nothing is broken or cracked so he will see a chiropractor (sp?) this afternoon. I hope the guy who ran into our car has good insurance! I'm not into frivilous lawsuits, but we cannot have the guy in the house who works two jobs laid up for long.

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