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May 23, 2005


On second thought, how 'bout a nice cold gruel?

(Thanks to dbphillips)


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no way i need a buzz that badly.

They probably realized the alcohol made them feel better

Well, you don't have to be an ancient Nubian to figure that out.

"Excuse me, miss, you look very pretty tonight. May I buy you an Anal Fumigant?"

"Thanks, but I only drink Anal Fumigant Lite."

So...these ancient peoples were doing enemas (with beer, no less) well before California, huh?


Dunno which I'm more concerned about ... the fact that this grain disease has been around for so long and hurting the crops, or the fact that this guy has spent over 20 years finding out about the benefits of antibiotics in naturally fermented beverages/gruels ... or ... mebbe neither ... ?

"For more than two decades, he and his colleagues have studied bones dated to between A.D. 350 and 550 from Nubia"

...and boy do they know how to party!

mmmmmmmmmmm, gruel.

This is a bit off topic, but...

A friend of mine and I were discussing word usements that are no longer used. I looked up a word: Agger. According to dictionary.com, this word means "An anatomical prominence."

I can only imagine what this blog will do with that definition...

Awhile back I read that Egyptian workers were paid in bread and beer in lieu of money. They apparently also preferred Egyptian beer to Nubian beer, for reasons I can only guess...('Tastes great!' 'Less filling!')

Funniest sentence in article:

The ancient Nubians had no written language but lived just south of the Egyptians who did.


There's a degree for biochemistry and brewing science? Boy did I major in the wrong thing!!

new name for beer: Nubian tetracycline

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