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May 20, 2005


(Thanks to Collins69S)


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Sorry! I just couldn't wait.

More to write, but I gotta go!

Well, I am glad they informed us about that! I am now inspired to take up a new hobby...

Well... I certainly hope the "incidents are related." Maybe there's something in the water...

My guess would be that somewhere in their collection is a treatise on "Incontinence by I P Daily"!

This story gives me the "me"'s
(And makes me want to always wear rubber gloves to the Library - in addition to the usual places I wear them)

Were these books in the Horror section, by chance? Maybe they scared the piss outta someone.

Another title to be found in the library: Fifty Yards to the Outhouse, by Willie Makeit. (illustrated by Betty Dont.)

"Urine Related Vandalism"

*have officially heard everything*

Urine a world of trouble now, punk!

And to all of you who are reading the Blog at the library, please take a moment to locate the public restroom...see the little people pictures on the door? Thaaaat's where you go, ok?

This little Punky went wee wee wee all the way...into the Reference Section.

Librarians baffled by urine

Must be easily baffled.

"That's a very DEWey decimal system you got there"

Not just librarians...

Wolfie! Are you being likewise baffled?

That poses a wee little problem, because urine a world of hurt if you piss off a librarian.

I think urine more trouble if you piss on a librarian.

I've got a problem typing lately, but I can still read ... and so MANY great opportunities ... and lines!!! (They have camels in West Vagina?)

So ... just consider your ownselfs answered with my own usual style of wit, charm and genius ... or not ... whatever ...

Gotta go make a Dr's appointment for a cast ... keep up the good work and tnx4 the LOLs!!!

punky - got lost in the reference section?

Looking for an encyclo'peed'ia?

"Mom, I'm a real reading whiz!"

stop it!! now i gotta go ..... i hate it when i laugh so hard that....

Peri ~ There's a reason I traded my topside office for one 2 floors underground. But I still carry the rubber gloves.
At least it wasn't still warm when they found it. I hope.
*begins to wonder why she works here*

Fun to do, but the paper cuts are a bitch...

I suggest that when they catch the vandals, they lock them in a small room, lit only by a disco ball, and make them listen to the previously mentioned Paul Anka album for at least a week.

Urine stained books?


nothing to add. Well, it coulda been


I like the way this story wrapped in my browser window:

She said librarians had been finding new cases or urine-
related vandalism about once a month with the recent case
coming just this week.

No comment about that last phrase.

Now we know where they get the dried urine for use in The Whizzenator...

Book vandalism really pisses me off!!!

(I can't believe that i was the first one to say that.)

Que scary music.....
A few stories back..in the sidebars,
Vanishing public toilets!!!!!!!!!!
Now..urine stained books........
BTW, hint to librarians.
If this sort of thing pisses you off, DO NOT let camels into the building!

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Cool cool cool

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