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May 18, 2005


You might want to reconsider.


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Feed The Blind Eel, brother of Toad The Wet Sprocket

Eels, snakes, penises..... anybody else see a pattern?

It's been a while . . . FIRST!

Sorry, Tryst...... Thank you for playing, we have some lovely parting gifts (including snail porridge!)


"Eels, snakes, penises..... anybody else see a pattern?"

Yes... E-S-P. Cool! Can we play again? I'll start.

I'm going on a trip and I am taking an Apple, a Book, and a Carrot. What will other Bloglits bring?

I'm going on a trip and I am taking an Apple, a Book, a Carrot, and Dave.

It's been a while . . . FIRST!

A pig and an eel and snake
Decided a trip they would take
In the forest they'd forage
And cook up snail porridge
And look for a penis to break.

But out from under a log
Crawled a man whose life was a Blog
His name, it was Dave
And the weiner he saved
By driving it off in the fog.

NO NO NO NO! No blood this early in the morning!

It's only been 10 minutes, Trystan. Maybe your watch is fast?

This evolution thingy is getting out of hand. First a snake with 2 legs and now a Moray eel with 6 feet.
Must be the hole in the Ozone.

Ms Petrie said, “If that one does not move back another will probably move into its place.”

Do I need more coffee? Am I reading this correctly?

Here's the breakdown: If it DOESN'T move back (meaning that it stays), another will move INTO ITS PLACE (meaning that another takes the opening, which doesn't exist in this scenario.)

I am frequently amazed at the arrogance of the human race. We are land-based creatures. We are only visitors to the water world. Yet when things don't go the way we want, we want to kill or move or whatever. That's just wrong.

Is is the EEL'S problem that idiots keep feeding it? Is is the EEL'S problem that an adult didn't tell the kid to take off his shiny metal bracelet? NO!!

That's it. I'm starting a "Save-The-Eels" campaign. Who's with me?

When something swims by
And bites into your thigh
That's a moray

"Save-the-Eels?" Rather Freudian of you isn't it Trystan?

Although I suspect Judi will be on board in a heart-beat.

ROTFL "I miss Raymond already"! Well done!

I miss ray - aaarrgggh! (snork) :)

scat - I'm the one on the right.

I'm hoping that sending the full lp-length version will stop it from running through my head:

When something swims by
And bites into your thigh
That's a moray

If you swim in the sea
And an eel bites your knee
That's a moray

Please remove your rings
Shiny metal things
Eel attacks they bring
From a moray

Leave the bait on the shore
What will we feed no more?
That's a moray

Heyyyy Brainy, wanna come swim in my pool? I can pretend to be a stingray!

IMRA - that's a clever. Bravo!

*zips in*

This is a fabulous thread!!!
First we have a blind and evil eel - very cool combination - mischief ensues!

then - we get to see Brainy - Whoa! cin - will you please send him to play in my pool when you're done with him!
*hopes Brainy doesn't think we're treating him like a sexual object* *snork*
Then we have "missing Ray's" terrific song - thanks for the earwig - really - I love Dean Martin!

And finally - we're planning a road trip!
I'm going on a trip and I am taking an Apple, a Book, a Carrot, and Dave.

I'm going on a trip and I am taking an Apple, a Book, a Carrot, Dave and Ellen deGeneres.

*settles down here*

I would like to be described as "a dangerous predator and opportunistic omnivore". I'll bet I could get a promotion at work. Also, this eel is distracted by shiny things so I'm wondering if Pyscho is a long lost offspring of Pliskin and Fluffy.

My fiance can sympathize with that eel. It can be difficult to distinguish between a human leg and a squid. Why, just last night he said "is that your leg or an eel I'm gnawing on?"

I haven't shaved in a while.

My family used to have a condo on Grand Cayman, so I've dived many times around Stingray City. Don't wear stainless steel! It's bait, and you don't really want to be bait. Read more at the attached link, if you like.

Of course, I mean "squid" not "eel". Aaaww crap, just forget it, it wasnt that funny anyway.

If MY maiden name was 'Hayball' you can bet your sweet squid I would NOT be in favor of the hyphenated-name nuptials...
Just sayin'....

So, are you saying you want "More Ray"?

Dang, someone beat me to the "That's a moray" pun. Good work!

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