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April 16, 2005



(Thanks to many people)


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FIRST Saturday

Tastes like Doris!

Once found a lizard head in a bag of pot. Didn't make the news...

Picky about her food? And she eats at Grandy's? No.

I have no comment at all on this, even as I feel it serves them right for living in Texas in the first place.


"I got up and ran to the bathroom and threw up," Pulido said.

She then asked her co-workers to verify what she saw.

"I told them, ‘Please look in there,"‘

...I hope she meant the carry-out box.

D'art' -

Yes, ducks live in Texas, but most of them only stay there for the winter, then they fly back north to have their families ... many of them in Nodak, where I watch them ... but no, I do not think that these ducks keep frogs as pets, or as lunchbox litter ...

(Wonders how Mallards and Canvasbacks got into a thread on frogs ...)

I don't know, Sondra. She ate at Grandy's instead of Luby's. That makes her pretty discriminating. For Fort Worth, anyway.

Yeah, Ah got tuh thankin' 'bout her opstuns, an' figgered she probly couldn't do no better. Poor thang!

The story goes out of its way to state she got her money back. Like we wondered about that.

Oh, and by the way----EEEEEEEEEWWW!!!

D'Art - Never been to Texas, have you?

Houston has the third largest port in the US. So, if you can get it anywhere, you can get it there.

Houston also has more downtown live theater seats than NYC.


Is this a typo or something?

Bet she was a science teacher.
Better Title for the story: Revenge Of The Frog.

Sondra, you're a Houstonian? I grew up there. Moved away and came back three times.

As a Houstonian, you probably got a kick out of the dig at Foat Wuth.

MKJ, that looks like Dave from one of those weird, alternate universes that Superman and Star Trek are always getting trapped in.


Daddy was transferred to Lufkin for a year when I was six. Then, back to Houston.

Then he was transferred to Dallas for a year and a half when I was 13. Then back to Houston.

Then I moved to Austin for a year and a half in '86, because Houston was so overrun with foreigners (New Yorkers). But Austin's too damn small(minded), so back to Houston.

Now I live in Panajachel, Solola, Guatemala,
population 10,000.


Are you currently living in Houston? Why did you come and go?

I'm contemplating buying a house here in Pana, and I'm thinking of moving back to Texas. Tough decision. What's Houston like these days? Haven't been back in 2 years.

I miss the convinience of having anything you want, any time you want. I liked being able to run out and buy potting soil at 3am, if I felt like it.


No, I'm not in Houston these days, but I still have family there and visit frequently.

Moves were job related. First my Dad's (when I was a kid); later mine.

I wouldn't say it's changed much in 2 yrs. Still too much concrete & too many annoying drivers, but the food, music, & entertainment is still good. Cost of living is still great compared to other big US cities.

Never been to Guatemala, but I can imagine it must be very different from TX. Good luck with your decision - sounds like a tough one!

Potted Soil wbagnfarb

Guess she didn't notice he addition of frog legs to Grady's menu.......

"Free frog legs with every salad. Every 10th customer gets the whole frog. Hurry in while supplies last".

Buy your lunch salad at Grandy
Where the service is most always dandy
For an unordered treat
We'll add in some meat
And 'frog'ment it with whatever's handy!

There is no way the frog could have been planted in her food at the high school, she said.

wanna bet?

Houston also has more downtown live theater seats than NYC.

OK, let's talk quality. Houston ain't got it, darlin'.

** clap, clap **

Bravo Insomniac. Excellent as usual.

Oh, I say, we are grand, aren't we? Oh, oh, no more buttered scones for me, mater. I'm off to play the grand piano.



She kept the frog and placed it in a freezer at the high school.

Was she just saving it for a mid-afternoon snack?

She is supposed to be educated and yet she missed an exceptional opportunity by not kissing me. BTW, it's bloody cold in here.

Tastes like chicken!

No. Actually, it tastes like frog.

Would'a made more sense, it was Paris, Texas.

Too many new yorkers in houston? sounds like too many small minded bigots to me. stay where you are sandra. us new yorkers appreciate it.

Spring Break Theater Seats Attack!


I got attacked IN a theater seat once.

No. Wait. It was more like the back seat of a car at a drive-in movie. Actually, it WAS the back seat of a car at a drive-in movie.

AND, it wasn't so much of an attack as..well....never mind.


sly' --

That was you? No, Wait!

We've got a generation gap here ... but if that was in Grand Forks, ND ... naaaah, couldn't have been ...

Oh, Look! Something shiny!

... or two generations ... whatever ...

... but there was Bemidji, Minnesnowta ...

nah ... not possible ...

(Maunders off to contemplate senility ...)

... or, Devils Lake, ND ... ??? ... Dickinson, ND ... ???

nah ...

*sees that O.U.'s working through the alphabet*

Not exactly ... just trineta remember which places I've been to drive-in movies ... nemmind what the movies were ... let alone who might have been with me ...

Speaking of "fine cuisine" and ... um ... drive-in movies ... um ... um ...

Nope ... not gonna go there ...

Did they at least take the bones out?

If they took the bones out, it wouldn't be crunchy.

... Plentywood, MT ...?

If it was Doris instead of the frog,nobody would be making a fuss......

*I think*

not a Houston lover - Quality of What? Air? - it'll kill ya, true, but still, quality of what?

queensbee - I'm no bigot. My late husband was from New York. My problem with NYer's, in 1986, was that there were too many of them. Our highways weren't meant for 5 million people and the process of widening them made traffic worse.

Jeff Meyerson - Yes, live theater seats! Don't let 'em bite ya on the butt!


Well, we weren't actually widening the NYers.

Unless your theaters get musicals about people in plaid... don't complain... that is what they have been advertising up here for the longest time..*retch*

Stupid Northern MI

hehe, Sondra said air.

But, back to the news, notice how Texans behave. She sought corraboration (probably making her co-workers throw up, as well) before she went back to Grandy's. She didn't sue (why the hell not?). And she probably isn't the one who notified the newspaper. Good, down home, honest folks. God, I miss 'em.

would this be sort of like the whole (albeit fried) chicken that was found in a bucket of kfc ("whole" meaning it still had a head, a beak, eyes, legs and feet)? i swear it really happened.

if it was Doris instead of the frog,nobody would be making a fuss......

*I think*

Dartful Codger - No, the Story is from Fort Worth. I'M from Houston. :-)

Alert! Some jerk spoofed the dblog's e-mail address and tried to send a nasty bug to my computer posing as dave... I'm guessing it will happen to lots of us. I got some clever trojans in other e-mails spoofed as buy.com etc. and I'm pretty sure its the same perp... what a crapweasel. I'll bet money on bodaz, etc. Too bad lynch mobs are "frowned upon" in todays society, cause if I ever find this twerp I'd love to... well get Christobol or Elle to think up something creative to do to him.

Oh Sh!t!!!

I had the same thing a few days ago, meant to tell everyone about it, and forgot ...

When I go to my email, the very first thing I do is trash anything (and MT the trash!) that I don't recognize ... this fell into that category ... I'm wanting to say it was the bozd... yahoo, but it mighta been the prescription medication guy, too ...

tnx WC

As to dealing with them, what I'm thinking of involves rusty saw blades and heavy equipment ...

B4 that, I was gonna say ... I was (sorta0 watching a movie on TV that dealt with a Giant Squid ... William Petersen was the main boat driving/diving guy ... and the dialogue included my favorite graffito of all time ...
(abbreviated version) ...

Ontogeny recapitulates Phylogeny

they even included a succinct explanation: All organisms repeat their evolutionary steps in gestation.

Made the whole thing worth watching ... but then, it doesn't take much to amuse some people, right?


Not rusty saw blades and heavy equipment.

Part of my job is spending one day a week on a computer Help Desk (rotating with 4 other people.) I had the dubious distinction of being "Ms. Helpful" the day the "I Love You" virus hit -- also Nimda.

This is only relevant to explain why I take viruses and spam as a personal affront. Therefore, I think we should make the punishment fit the crime -- like 1000 hours of community service running a free computer help desk for senior citizens. That ought to be enough to make 'em run screaming for the wilderness.

mama723 -

Well, that was the farmer/laborer side of me talkin' ... my intellectual side was havin' a nap @ the moment ...

From your "Sr. Citizen help line" and from some of the stuff My Bride tells me about her job, along with my own creeping senioritis ... I'd be guessing your punishment is much better than mine ... they'd mebbe even be screaming for the rusty blades and bulldozers as less cruel ... ya think?

One time I found $20 in the gutter. This was at the Rose Parade.

MKJ, this is from that link:


"Genre: [None]; Record Size: Single (7-Inch); Speed: 45 RPM; Condition: [None]; Compilation: [None]"

Doug: I don't know why, but I got a kick out of the Bizarro DB guy.

What is this 'life' thing of which you speak?

It's rubbish.

Not Nike (TM)
Not Tank Top
Not Yellow

You might as well buy some new rope, 'cuz this guy's just full of knots ... (not snots) ...

Re: the email crap, it happened to me too. Not too long ago I supposedly got an email from D'Artagnan and just today I got one from someone using my own name. Luckily I have great protection on my computer and didn't contract any diseases. (I covered my hard drive with a large condom and coated it with lysol. Be careful out there my friends!


if you get an email at your home or place of business from someone claiming to be "long tall texan", it ain't really from me.

unless, of course, you were to actually solicit a personal email from me, long tall texan, then it could be from me.

however, I think soliciting stuff is illegal out here in rural texas, unless it has the john deere logo on it.

Sondra, sorry for the delayed response to your post. I had to take my inflatable girlfriend to Palm Beach for a change of air.
You're right, of course, but isn't Houston just Fort worth with a h*** on?

Sondra, sorry for the delayed response to your post. I had to take my inflatable girlfriend to Palm Beach for a change of air.
You're right, of course, but isn't Houston just Fort worth with a h*** on?

Hey lady.....you should'a et that there froggie. I mean, somebody kilt it. Da leas you coulda did was eat it and make it mean somethin.

Good protien anywhoo. Wash it down with a Lone Star beer, or 20.

Houston's not really even Texas any more.

There were only half a million Texans living there when, in 1976, Flint became a ghost town and half the license plates on the Houston streets were Bicentennial Michigan plates.

Then, in 1978, Goodyear closed a plant and a million Ohio plates were on the streets.

Then, the national news noticed that Houston had gone from half a million to 2 and a half million in 3 years and told Everybody. For three years, 1980 - 82, every other license plate on the street was from New York.

When the population hit 5 million and less than a million of them were from Texas, the Texans moved out. That dropped the population to barely more than 4 million.

If you go to Houston and tell anyone you see that you are a Texan, they will jump for joy. They will tell you, "I've been here ten years and you're the first Texan I've met."

Still, it has it's fine points. And I miss them.

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