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April 20, 2005


This blog responds: Oh yeah?

In related news: We have this story, concerning an alleged threat to both the flat-spired three-toothed snail and the Indiana bat.

Urgent Update: Commenter Sean points out that Elkhart is also the home of the Recreational Vehicle and Motor Home Hall of Freaking Fame. We are calling our travel agent now.


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They are free events... what do you expect... maybe its a poor town that still runs of the barter system.

Time for a new project co-ordinator. Definitely.

They are free events... what do you expect... maybe its a poor town that still runs of the barter system.

Who names their newspaper the Truth anyways? Seems like a bit of a stretch....

I couldn't make it through the day at work without my hibernacula

Whoa! Deep-fried dandelions on May 8! That'll help me put on some healthy heft!

Anybody notice the newspapers rates?

Newsstand Prices:
Mon.-Sat. per copy 50¢ • Sunday per copy $1.50

So much for the Free stuff!

Oh, and the local French resturant will buy those snails off you.

Who names their newspaper the Truth anyways? Seems like a bit of a stretch....

Posted by: amaranth on April 20, 2005 10:04 AM

The Soviets did, Pravda

... and it was.

A guy walks into a bar with a Daliah stuck up his..........................
Whadaya mean no. The article clearly said "bring your perenials".

"old-fashioned mint tea"

As opposed to that new-fangled crap...

May 14: Dutch Oven Cook-Off, 1:30 to 2:45 p.m. at the Feedlot Shelter, Bonneyville Mill County Park.


*puts out sign-up sheets*

*leaves immediately for Amsterdam to get Dutch oven*


Be sure to have a cup of coffee at Segafredo's in Schophol.

hahaha, the chairman of the RV Hall of Freaking Fame is DICK AKER.



Be sure to have a cup of coffee and a raw salmon sandwich at one of Segafredo's three locations in Schiphol.

*mouth waters profusely*

Psst - the Indiana bats had escaped to West Virginia. Probably because they were bored in Elkhart. I spent a week in Elkhart one day.

Be sure to have a cup of coffee and a raw salmon sandwich at one of Segafredo's three locations in Schiphol.

Will do, sondra, but I'm staying away from the Brugges (sp?)!

I gladly admit that I am a tree-hugging environmentalist, and as much as I enjoy humor, I'd like to remind everyone that each and every creature on the earth has a right to life. Except the ones we eat. And the ugly ones, of course. Or scary ones. But I digress. If this poor creature, the flat-spired three-toothed snail, were to become extinct, I would be moved to say, "So?"

"Deep-fried Dandelions" is a good name for a band.

I wish to hell they'd have one of those garden exchanges here in Miami Beach. I'd love to exchange a few squares of my chinchbug-blighted crabgrass for somebody's "lubber" grasshopper-infested ginger lilies.

Not only do I live not far from Elkhart, but I also have contributed to the threatening (via actual killing) of Indiana bats, but only because they frighten me and they kept getting into the damned house. Well, the house isn't damned so much as the bats.


I have noticed that Dave and Judi (Hello by the way.) Are no longer putting Links in the Title...

Steve must have threatened to sue for all RSS Aggravated users!


Also, I must admit that Indiana is pretty boring.

Sometimes, it gets so boring, in fact, that people resort to dressing up in vintage disco outfits and dancing the night away. Other times, they find themselves watching "24" on television.

It's sad. Please give now, because together we can make a better Indiana.

raw salmon sandwich? Sounds like abuse of good sushi... either that or its bad sushi so they are using bread to hide it

Mahatma's link CRACKED me up, thank you.

-Giddy, who's trying to quit smoking today, shh, don't tell nobobdy

I once ordered escargot at that little restaurant in Elkhart near the RESUME SPEED sign. After an hour of waiting I called the waitress over to enquire about my order. She told me, "Don't worry, sir. The cook is following a promising slick in the parking lot."

"April 30: Snail Tales, 1 p.m. at the Elkhart Environmental Center. Learn about snails found in this area and participate in a hike to search for local snails.

Information: 293-5070. Free."

Bring your own salt

(Sorry, Lab Spec. Hope that didn't put you off your tree-hugging.)

Oh, and Christobol? I can't say I approve of your plan to make a better Indiana. One Indiana is more than enough, thank you.

There's no such thing as a better Indiana. It's really as bad as it sounds. I'm from Ft. Wayne (second largest city), and I can safely say that it is because Hoosiers don't want to make it better. They are perfectly happy hanging out at Target or cow tipping on the weekends. My dad's secretary once made the front page of the style section in the local paper for winning a cow chip throwing contest. It was a proud moment in her life.

We once killed a bat that flew in the chimney with a tennis racket.


smithie - your bats have tennis rackets?

That's scary.

"1972 Airstream Bambi Added to Museum Exhibit"

Bambi? Makes you wonder what kind of "recreation" they're talking about. If the Airstream's a-rockin....

Come to think of it, it does kinda explain the chairman's name.


Man, would it kill me to use the 'preview' button?

*puts hands on hips and sighs*

Christobol - He picked it up in the open rafters in the garage.

I went to a seed exchange once. Needless to say i barley got out alive. They really know how to party at those things.

BJ: thanks for the links and encouragement

Maybe I should take up heroine instead?

BTW, today's 4/20

lol, heroin? anyway..

stalks off, looking for anyone to slap or tell off

Well, the Bush exchange sounds a little saucy...

bwahahaha, for some reason it reminded me I have an emergency backup of minty menthols that I hate stashed in my garage, up on a shelf. Thanks, Gonna save that link for when I can watch it w/sound. Some IT creep disabled the sound on my work computer. Apparently I play too much here. Hmmm. I resemble that remark.

Trying to get back on thread, maybe smoke some three-toothed snails later?

If you really want a fun time, here where I live (Michigan) we have the Walleye Festival. Parades, fishing, fireworks, town-wide garage sales, we got it all. It's next weekend so you better book your flight now!

Of course we don't have any hotels in town so just ask around, I'm sure someone can put you up.

Snails have teeth?


It's excellent salmon, and fantastic home made Italian bread - yum

not much of a kelp and sticky rice fan, myself

I also put raw salmon on bagels - yummy!

Their bulldozers are faster than snails?
Gotta get me one of them!

Why is West Vagina involved with bats in Indiana?

LabSpec' -- I hope that when you're hugging trees, you are protected ...
(JOKE! Relax!)

That's a pretty big bat, to be able to carry a tennis racket while flying in a chimney ... or else it's a pretty small racket ... or maybe it's the chimney that has the racket ...

I thot it appropriate that one can get a Triple-A discount at the Towing and Recovery Museum ...

Smithie00 --

Ft. Wayne, huh?

A bunch of my cousins grew up there, some still live there ... we visited a few times, long ago, in my younger days -- more often they'd visit us in Nodak ... don't remember much about the town except building a snowman in the front yard, and some yahoos walking by and taking the time to knock it down ...

ELKHART?... ya i live in helkart,
grew up in new mexico....(yes thats in the USA)
moved here when a family member died.....
stuck here ever since....
funny thing though, everytime i leave i cant wait to go back to helkart.....hhmmm.

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