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April 14, 2005


Wendy's chili finger story has mutated.

(Thanks to the lunch bunch)


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who wants to be the first to have some finger-licking good.....never mind.

Ewwww ... right after lunch.

They still haven't fingered the perp? Good grief, what are they waiting for?

sorry for being so serious today, but how bad is it when we are suspicious of a person for not suing a company ?

insom' - make up a limmerick regarding your seriousness and we'll stop pointing our (and others') fingers at you.

So the doctors basically gave her the finger . . .

I feel that, as a consumer, my rights to have a salad the way I like it are being infingered upon.

Brad: Jeff M. sent it in before you did.

well, according to something else i just read, the woman in question says it is NOT her finger. OK. the original finger-finder is a flake who likes to file lawsuits. somebody please come up with a band name.

Brad: Jeff M. sends everything in before you do, and before Claire Martin too, even.

It just doesn't seem that way sometimes.

oh i'm SURE some band is calling itself "wendy's chili finger" already, qb ;)

"Yummy yummy yummy I've got Christobol's thigh in my tummy..."

Wait, scratch that.

That's weird. I found a tiger in my children's cereal.

It was GREAT!

Maybe this whole thing is just part of the publicity buildup for a new chili promotion sweepstakes: Collect all five and win a prize.

I've really had enough
of that everyday stuff
I'd like to bite into something
leathery and tough

I do not want a sandwich
made with human hands which
move too slow because, you know,
I'm really really famished

You know what could fill me?
(please don't think me silly)
but I would like to have a bowl
of human-digit chili

No, I'm no Jeffrey Dahmer
just a redneck mom, er,
a lady with a taste for something
fresh from the embalmer

and when you make my chili
add some chunks of grated willy

Red Hot Chilli Fingers

DePhalange Leopard

Anna Ayala and The Four Digits


Hey guys, I don't mind being second, but the story I found was way better. A reward line to receive "tips"??? Do you think Denny's wife might just be a Wendy who works at Denny's?

tyler, those are excellent names for rock bands.

Also, I gotta say that I'm not too impressed with Wendy's defense. If they're gonna serve me fingers in my chili, I'd much rather they cook 'em.

You know, when I heard that someone found a finger in a bowl of chili, I just thought, "There has to be a jaguar involved in this somehow."

The first mistake this former suer (not sewer) made was ordering Chili at a fast-food restaurant ...

and ...

No, they were not "terribly bad" pun ...

they were only mediocrely bad ...


tnx4 the link ... I read a few lines of the story, then saw the pix of ramparts off to the side ... sorta interesting, how different parts of the anatomy can grasp the attention of someone and draw it away from other stuff, huh?

Is it me, or am I the only one confused by the fact that there was no mention of how the tiger biting off the finger was related to how the finger go in the bowl???

From Poop Dogg's link: Gross Anatomy WBAGNFARB

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