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April 19, 2005


They're at it again.

(Thanks to Drew Harchick, who adds "When I kick your ass, be thankful that you're a part of my kickbox training."


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Can we decorate his face with our keys? That's artistic too . . .

Perhaps someone should rearrange his face, so it could put back together more "artfully" (i.e. Michael Jackson.)

Must be some sort of performance art in three parts:
part one: I key your car.
part two: You kick my ass.
part three: You're welcome for the kickbox lesson.

Pushing a monkey nut with your nose is just gross.

Apparently the Scottish Arts Council has more sense than the NEA (National Endowment for the Arts, not the teachers union)

"His work will be displayed on Wednesday night in a launch party at The Arches, an exhibition venue in Glasgow."

So, he won't mind if someone gets "creative" with his stuff, right?

Gratuitous FYI - "Monkey Nut" is Brit for peanut.

My car got keyed once.
I'd like to kick his arse just for the fun of it.
Lil' limey bastard!

Keying cars is wrong. Unless of course the car is a Porsche that has been parked at an angle across two spaces.

...a launch party at The Arches...!!!

WTF!!?? They actually support this kind of stuff?

I've had my car "arted up" and I'd like to "make some art" ..... with a baseball bat!

I suppose broken antenna's and windshield whipers should be considered "Artistic Expressions" too?

That kind of art would go over really big in Texas...He should visit with his keys

...then the vet could remove them in 5 years...

Simian Testicle Nose Pusher wbagnfarb

I'll admit that one time in high school I keyed the word "Bitch" into the back of a car belonging to a girl I didn't like much. It was truly an "emotive engagement."

INT --

Wowser ... if you "didn't like [her] much" ... I'd be sorta curious what might've happened if there was any degree of strong loathing ... just wonderin' ... (of course, I'm so old, we'd never heard of "keying" someone else's car, or whatever ... eggs, or water balloons, yeah ...)

I loved this:

"I do feel guilty about keying people's cars but if I don't do it, someone else will."

And I feel guilty about hitting him in the teeth with a fire extinguisher, but if I don't do it, someone else will.

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