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April 22, 2005


...stands for reptiles.


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Gimme dah Heeby Jeebies!

I want one of them hehe!

"Herpetological Society?" I guess those aminals really sleep around.

I suspect they were Mexican aligators and snakes trying to get around the Minutemen. And apparently they are very fortunate not to have been caught in the one woman hunger strike.

North - Maybe it was her dinner delivery.

"The trailer also included three desert tortoises and several rats and chickens."

Chickens? Did they say chickens?

Wait, wait wait. So the alligators, snakes and CHICKENS were all travelling together? And the alligators and snakes hadn't eaten the chickens?? Those Terrorist B*stards

Let The Guy Go, I say!

He's taking them out of California!

How did all those alligators start in California to begin with?

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