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April 13, 2005


(Thanks to Brian Reinhart)


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The real question here is, if Harvard professors are stealing their horseshit, why is tuition so high?

Also, isn't this the sort of thing they (the professors) usually hire grad students for?

I wonder if when they arrested him he said, "That's a bunch of horseshit!"

not first

A stable manager, Phillip Casey, called police after finding Martin Weitzman on the farm last Friday.

Boy, I'd hate to have an unstable manager call the cops on me.

Holy crap.

Holydum shiteris, sum peoplum havus null senseum humerus

( what? dont those ppl learn Latin?)

Well, at least he didn't EAT the shiz.
Otherwise the name of the article would've been:
"Low just got lower"


I'll bet his students call him the "Scat Man"
from now on.


I'll be here all day.

Thank you.


Did they say he left skid marks in the farmer's yard?

I've left skid marks on toilets before...

Boy, that must've been a real load of crap.

Not to mention all the crap he's gonna have to take in jail.

Speaking of jail and poop, i'll bet he gets his shiz pushed in some too.

But, i sense i've gone too far....


I imagine it takes an awful lot of manure to profess economics at the university level.

Munky Booger.

"Here's to inflating the numbers"


I'll bet he never thinks about shouveling manure the same way ever again.

It's crappy job, but somebody's got to do it...

I've had some professors who I thought were full of sh*t.

Now I know.

I'm surprised he had to steal it. Most of my professors seemed to be full of s@#t.
(Hey Prof. Kleck, wherever you are, this post is for you. Thanks for the wasted tuition).

Judi (and Dave): If you put the link in the title of your blog entry, and not in the body of the entry, those of us who read the blog by RSS aggregator (like Bloglines) can't see the link without going out of our way to find it. Please put the links in the body of the blog entries, and not the titles. Thanks!

Dave (and judi);

Also, if you could please save up all your vowels for the day and post them last, not in the title, but in the entry itself, after the simple string: //Vowels$\{{vow*#els$...#

That would help my ZQ Aggregator to sort alphanumeric booger matrix 7.


What about those who read this via a duhm-asz(patent pending) processor unit. These people often have a low-iq-generator.
Often these types would not understand ANYTHING about the booger matrix or poop factor X anyway.

Dear Dave,

Would you kindly just eliminate the whole entire Dave Barry Blog from the known Internet universe, so my RSS Dialogator can get a good night's sleep. It's been really kinda cranky lately.

High quality regards.

Booger Matrix AND Poop Factor X WBAGNFARB.
Howz about "John Doe"
mebbe good name?

I am absolutely certain that if this prof had looked around, he would have found more than enough stables willing to give him manure. Really. It's not like it's a rare or difficult item to find on a horse farm. He can come pick up after my mare anytime. He can even leave skid marks if I don't have to watch.

Judi: Could you please turn off the RSS aggravator so Steve can get some peace of mind? And Insomniac, could you do a limerick with RSS aggregator"? There's an obvious pun there that's just the thing for this high-minded blogg site?

Hey Steve? Can you please stop posting that whine every single time there's a link in the title? They've already said no. Tough horseshit.

Personally, I'd rather have an Orgasmatron than an RSS whatever, but that's just me!

And I'll pass on the manure, thank you very much!!

*agrees with Bagh* -- he could've come a couple of miles south and helped himself to my barn's manure heap!

Eleanor, technically, to pass on the manure, you'll need to consume it.

So, I think the better phrase is, "I would like the manure thrown at Michael Bolton"

I have absolutely no comment whatsoever on this blog posting.

you do now.

somebody send steve the waaaaaambulance!!

I would like the manure thrown at Michael Bolton.

No passing on manure here, no sir -
That is all.

Carry on.

LOL, Marvin - you slay me!
In a good way....


At first I thot the page header said it was "WTFTV.com" ... but then I looked again, and I just thot WTF ...

rofl you guys are cracking me up. perhaps someone should email steve since he doesn't appear to have read the comments after his LAST post....

I did email him, judi.

He replied as follows:

Dear Christobol

Thank you for your kind correspondence via the electronic web interface network. Unfortunately, I was unable to process your message as your swear words were not appropriately formatted for my CURSE Aggrenombulator. In the future, please run your messages through a grabnobulizor to normalize the flebagnazorichs.

Also, could you ask Dave and Judi to stop putting links in the titles? It screws up my RSS aggregator.


Steve Wank

"$35 a truckload?!?!" I think I've just solved the lo-flo toilet issue!

Prof. Weitzman now takes a bold stand
'Gainst those who say Harvard's too bland
Says he, in reply
"My horseshit supply
Now far exceeds any demand."

see ya later, aggregators

*really starts to wonder what the use of this RSS Aggregate thing might be, because apparently it compiles all the headlines of the blog and ignores the second line, so apparently "Steve" is missing out on the really interesting philosophical discussions which are happening just under his RSS Aggrivator's nose.*

*hopes Mr. Language Person doesn't notice the above run on sentence.*

RSS Aggregator!

Want to see it in action?
Use FireFox instead of some panzy ass standalone RSS reader.! And then it doesn't matter dick that the link is in the headline!

It is actually Pretty dam cool...

There, I'm done.

In answer to an earlier posting...

Usually the profs don't use grad assistants for collecting that kind of material. They send their 1L law school students out so the students can improve their usefulness when they arrive as interns.

i'm surprised he didnt try to get somebody a paid assistantship for that job ... grad students are used to eating shiz.

Harvard Prof stealing manure? Could be the origin of the expression "shit-for-brains".

I wasn't impressed with the story (didn't give a s#it, I guess)so I clicked on the random-camera-shots thing up to the right...to find that:

Hasbro has released a NEW addition of Mr. Potato Head geared at today's kids, in honor of the upcoming Star Wars movie. They call it...


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