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April 21, 2005


You find something that works, and right away, they tell you not to do it.

(Thanks to kafaleni)


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That's so layem.

The recommended method for ladies to whom this happens is to strip naked and wait safely by the side of the vehicle.

Interesting idea. Next time I'm at a buffett and they run out of fried okra, I'm gonna try sprawling out across the mashed potatoes to get someone's attention.

roll over Beethoven!

And if you're at a restaurant and feeling neglected by your waiter, just start stacking things as high as you can on your table. Cups, plates, salt shakers, ketchup bottles, etc. Someone will be along shortly.

There's a technical term for that: roadkill.

Yay! Just run over me. I can use the insurance money to pay for my gasoline.

Naked jumping jacks are also a great way to attract attention.

How do we know this is true, maybe they are . . . (I can't say it)


so, if I run out of gas, I should start stacking things on my car to get attention, instead?

It is the Trans-Canada Highway. How busy can it be?

Why did the chicken cross the road?

To check out the naked guy lying next to the car...

M/PA -

Is that one of those "air" jacks, that you hook up to the exhaust pipe and it fills with air (actually hot exhaust fumes) and that raises the car off the ground ... ???

I didn't think so either ...

Jiminy Christmas!!

Working on a car in white clothes!! Is she crazy?

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