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April 19, 2005


Or the two...


(Thanks to Andrew Hudgins)


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First?!?! And ewwwwww

Finally, something that's more indestructible than marshmallow peeps.

Don't click unless you really really want to see the ducky.

I said, don't.

LOL Flash
Reminds me of greatest Simpson line ever by comic book guy after eating box of marshmallow peeps:
"If only the real chicks went down so easy."

That was a trip! I didn't expect the Duckie to look like an exact, in-tact, ..anyway.. Glad the doggie was all better in the end.

i bloody sent this in this morning.

after 5 years of the dog squeaking, wouldn't you have gotten used to it?

If he had poohed it out, the Champion Toilet would have easily handled it!

queensbee, i searched the folder and didn't see anyone else had sent it in... sorry!

It took 5 years before the dog got sick from it?

There's a missing link here, methinks! And I did NOT click on golfwidows link - I'm eating a burrito for lunch and I thought it might be counter-productive, if you catch my drift!

hee, hee, I said drift!

"The Rock Hard Rubber Duckies" WBAGNFARB!

hee hee, Eleanor said "drift"!

... huh?

ACKshully, that pix looks like a baby Wood Duck ... coloration and such ...

(heh ... "wood" and "rubber" ... heh)

Hey! It's all I could think of! I'm old, and slow and ... cootish ...


'Nuther great Simpsons swallowing line:

Woman, to Barney, after hearing him speak: Ew! What crawled down your throat and died?

Barney: It didn't die.

is it just me or does the dog look like he wants to eat it again?

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