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April 22, 2005




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Anything to distract us from the fat jokes.



That's just gross. But, I do understand in a way. She's suckling her monkey, stroking his hair, he is like a child to her. That's what I say when my friends complain about me suckling my 6 year old son.

Well I'll be a monkey's mother!

no, no that came out wrong, I'm not suckling my 6 year old son, he's suckling me! Oh gross, I'm totally sick, between the fat mamma jokes, suckling monkeys, quarter pound lobster hair balls, I'm crawling under my desk and curling in a fetal position. Ya'll have a good day.

So being the only son in this poor, third world family means he gets the first shot at food, water, college. Right?

And how about the whole arranged marriage thing?

got milk?

let's see her try that with a piranha or a wolverine.

And people say Americans spoil their pets...

Cheesewiz - the first son also inhereits all land and property

and the daughters defer to this critter! GRRR!

Judging from the position of the monkey's left paw, I believe suckling is not the only issue here.

Cool, they even include a picture. Frankly, I think this would be great in-store entertainment for Starbucks. Much more interesting than scary soccer moms with 3-year-olds hanging off their nipples.

Somehow I think that picture of a monkey hanging off a woman's nipple will end up on some pornograhic website somewhere...

I wonder how it got past my screeners...

*adds monkey suckler! to growing list of things to try to get away with saying during meetings*

This article is begging for a Michael Jackson reference.

Hmmmm, I think this article calls for a new acronym: YTISWWT (Yes, There IS Something Wrong With That).

"He's my son"

Poor lady. Stress is a killer.

I have enough issues with a child hanging off my breast let alone a hairy marsupial. This would put me in therapy big time.

&%&*$*&^*^! double posting! And I meant 'cute' not 'cut' . . .

Yeah sure, MKJ, I think you also may have meant "giraffe bj" instead of "gorilla", too...

Namita's neighbours find her behaviour with the monkey "somewhat abnormal".

Namita's neighbours are "somewhat masters of the understatement".

I'm suprised that there hasn't been any references to the father spanking his 'son'

scatillogical: Actually, it is possible for a woman who has not recently given birth to provide milk. Weirdly enough, it's even possible for a man to provide milk. It's very rare, and can be helped with herbs, but it's mostly a case of "I think I can."

Speculation is that this ability comes from a need to do this in case of extreme disaster, i.e. whole tribe wiped out due to earthquake, survivors need to care for infants, no nursing mothers available... well, someone else can do some nursing.

The human body is a very strange thing.

well, I'll be a monkey's uncle!

Another neighbour Ramesh Sil says Namita is "overdoing her affection for the monkey".
"He's not just a monkey, he's my lover" say Namita.
"We have hot monkey love, and you should see what he can do with that tail!" added a sheepishly grinning Namita.

Mahatma - you keep killing me. You have a gift. You and C-bol. And Bangi. Pretty much all the regulars. Not Steve so much.

Yo mama so fat she can breast feed a silverback gorilla.

Seriously, though. (not really)

Do you remember the scene in the Wizard of Oz with the flying monkey guards? Look back at the first photo and imagine those flying monkeys chasing Dorothy with the intent to suckle.
**gives a Count Floyd Robertson "SCARRRY"*****

I would think a good time to stop a Tiger from suckling a breast would be when it starts teeting. Good call, zoo!

This is not a pet, this is my son. Please get that right," she insists.

Well, excu-u-u-u-u-se me!

My guess would be that any men protesting this action are merely jealous ... of the baby ...

I think that this somehow ties into the Scooby-doo story.

I'm suddenly reminded of the old joke with the punchline, "...and maybe we can find a banana for your monkey."

Mad Mumbai Mammary Milkin Monkey Mama!

I wish my monkey hadn't seen this. Now he wants a milkshake and a Girls Gone Wild video.

"suckling her monkey." Abnormally.

I think this wins the many, many levels of Wrong award, past the Russian parade and the crap-eating DUI. At least that one didn't have a picture!

Oh that's BS. I nursed both my kids for a year and all I felt was relief, but not uh, stimulated.


and I have to add that I'm easily stimulated!

Big drive, over heah! Oh, oh oh oh, yeah, hell yeah!

Great set of sites - Thanks!

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