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April 21, 2005


We're thinking about going to KFC.

(Thanks to John "Talk Like a Pirate" Baur)

Update: So they're harmless birds, are they? Sure they are.

Key Quote: "He said there were chickens with beards and wearing colourful traditional outfits," said a shaken Mabunda.

Something James Bond Might Say at a Bar: "I'll have a Mabunda. Shaken, not stirred.


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I would celebrate don't eat poultry day, but I'm too scared.

Why? Because people are chicken, too!

this is really nothing to yolk about.

security will be tight.

they are anticipating fowl play.

" Show the world that chickens are people too! Ideas:"

How about running around town yelling "Soylent Green is chicken!"?

It's Monday. Maybe tonight on 24, they will show Marwan doing something really evil, like eating a chicken.

The script writers for that show are missing a lot by not following this blog. SWAT monkeys, Florida drivers, ramparts, WBAGNFARBs, squid, and Incredibly Huge Johnsons, to name a few things.

C'mon, won't you let me be,
I'll see you at K-F-C.

Shock it to me, shock it to me, shock it to me, shock it to me...

"Monday's coming..."

Preview is my friend...

I will celebrate by "choking" mine.

I will sacrifice a sacred chicken on the Altar of Propane Fueled Fire. I shall baste the sacred chicken with the Incense of Barbeque Sauce and when it's thoroughly cooked, I shall serve it to my family for dinner.



Was that the first name of the author of that piece.... Riot?

Don't shoot till you see the whites of their eggs.

"Dead chicken would identify "witch'"
Been to KFC and I have never seen Eleanor.
Coincidence? Just asking.

Fabulous. All we need is yet another Hallmark holiday.

Di, you cluck me up.

"He said there were chickens with beards and wearing colourful traditional outfits," said a shaken Mabunda.

see? SEE? I tried to tell him attending last year's DNC convention was going to come back to haunt him.

Ya gotta respect the Extra Tasty Crispy. That's good eatin'

Do they have large talons?


I don't understand a word you're sayin'

Too bad I don't get to pluck(?) you up. ;)

So lemme get this straight... in the month of May, so far, we've got:

May 1 - Eastern Orthodox Easter, May Day, Labor Day (Mexico), Guatemalan Labor Day (Guatemala)
May 2 - Bank Holiday (UK)
May 3 - Polish Constitution Day (Poland)
May 4 - Cluck Day
May 5 - Cinco de Mayo (Mexico), National Day of Prayer Holocaust Remebrance Day
May 8 - Mothers Day
May 10 - Mothers Day (Mexico)
May 17 - Norway Constitution Day (Norway)
May 18 - Haitian Flag Day (Haiti)
May 21 - Armed Forces Day
May 23 - Victoria Day (Canada)
May 30 - Memorial Day, Spring Bank Holiday (UK), Croatian Independence Day (Croatia)

*out of breath, and out of money from buying stoopud greeting cards*

"May the Fourth be with you."

I'd forgo chicken, but that would leave beef. There are issues I have with beef that make me respect it more than chicken, and Gastro-Intestinal Disease Awareness Month is in, like, February. So I'm out.

"But our officers carried them without any fear and nothing happened to them," he said.

Which leads to the question, are the officers the witches and it's all a conspiracy?

NotInBaghdad... eat squirrel and sell the pelts to lobster fishermen for bait

I suppose the kids and I will just launch Mel Gibson from a catapult, pretty much like always. We don't like to mess with tradition...

Di, don't forget:
May 1 - Beltane (Pagan holiday)
May 11 - My birthday

"Some people tried to shout at them, but the chickens just stared at them"

What, exactly, were they expecting?

Chickens suck..We had chickens when I was a kid because my ever thoughtful Father believed it was good for my sister and I to have to be responsible for animals and kind of keep us in touch with nature blah blah blah..So we raised chickens for thier eggs but they are the most filthy,stupid creatures on the planet..We had this rooster that would attack us so my Dad tied it up when we went out to play..He put a rope around its leg and tied it to a fence post..So it pecked off its own LEG to get free and attack us but it wasn't quite as fearful with only one leg..So then we got rid of them and Dad bought a boat to keep us in touch with nature..And Put-In_Bay..Much more enjoyable.

Beyond absurd. Does anyone actually go to KFC any more? Last time I went there, there was grease on the floor and everywhere else, yuck-oh.

*smacks forehead*

Thank you Lisa! How could I forget Beltane?

And in case I get taken over by chickens that are people too, best wishes for your birthday on the 11th!

Beyond absurd. Does anyone actually go to KFC any more? Last time I went there, there was grease on the floor and everywhere else, yuck-oh.

"The chickens are believed to have zeroed in on Emelda Mabunda's house in Ngove near Giyani, wearing traditional Xitsonga clothing and smeared with ochre, like that used by sangomas."

Oh, God, NO!!! Not the Sangomas!!!

What about her son's name? Sounds like a good snack food.

James Bond:" I'll have a Mabunda. Shaken, not stirred. With a side order of Vongani, please."

Next time I go to the Salem Witch Museum, I'll have to look into the chicken angle. I know ducks played a big role, not so much with the chickens...

I guess we should give this guy a rest on the 4th.

Next time I go to the Salem Witch Museum, I'll have to look into the chicken angle. I know ducks played a big role, not so much with the chickens...

why continue to work when you could be doing something more productive?

Imagine this - party scene.

Guy: You've got to be the hottest lookin' chick here.
Gal: Ooo, you smooth talker. Come sit by me. So, what do you do for a living?
Guy: I work tirelessly for the rights of chickens at the United Poultry Concerns in Machipongo, VA.
Gal: Machipongo?

So National-Dress-Up-Your-Chicken-Like-A-Sangoma Day is not going to catch on ?

SPCA guy: The chickens weren't harmed , were they?

Cop: I'm kinda busy. There's been a dozen vigilante witch-burnings this past weeek.

SPCA guy: But none of them were chickens, right?

If you feel you're unnaturally stressed
'Cause of how local birds might be dressed
Then you'll love the aroma
Of new 'Chicken Sangoma'
It's burnt at the stake!(Try a breast!)

Productivity just skyrocketed!

Thanks LEETS!

*hurries back (the 4th will be here before you know it)*

Thus answering the age old question: "Witch came first ...?"

Chicken's Familiars WBAGN

Thanks for the "Productivity Enhancer" Long Tall, but Geezer induced "Yips" prevents me from keeping all of my eggs in one basket.


They were expecting the chickens to come when called. Or for them to do the chicken dance. You decide.

The citizens of Key West are always chicken-friendly.

Sorry. I just realized.

In the second link, all the following words were in one sentence, in this order:
"Mabunda Ngove Giyani Xitsonga ochre sangomas."
Could this possibly be part of the plot??
Is it a code.
Call Jack Bauer!!

You want me to hold the chicken, huh?

• posted by Dave 09:08 AM
By playing with my huge johnson, of course!

...or said another way, choking his chicken.

I thought witches only turned people into newts. (MP&THG)

"She turned me into a chicken!" (MP&THG - Mabunda Version.)

Beyond absurd. Does anyone actually go to KFC any more? Last time I went there, there was grease on the floor and everywhere else, yuck-oh.

AND, they still used Instant mashed potatoes - how gross is that?!?!?!?

AND, I've never seen you at KFC either, Too Afraid, and since I hear there may be warlocks involved as well......
Just sayin'

I'm going to wear my chicken suit and get a sign that says
"EAT MORE CATTLE" and I'll picket the Chick-fil-A
at the food court in the mall! (Maybe I'll smear on some ochre and buy some traditional Xitsonga clothing at the GAP)

..Comments are awfully plucky today..


Mmmm, Chick-fil-A....

I'm a chicken hawk..And YOUR a chicken..
No just hold on son..( That boy is about as sharp as a bowling ball..)

Passover must be close. Eleanor was gentle.

This one's for you, Mr.Fisher.


"A hen and rooster are safe in police custody after superstitious villagers accused the hapless chickens of being a witch's familiars."
..Wow..Thats nothing to balk at.

Ochre is a shade of orange, right?

The chickens should get organized and protest. It's time for a change in the state of affairs. It's time for a chicken coup.

"Too many chikens dead"
every 4th of May

with ochre on my head
I'll celebrate the day

when I can't contain it
I'll do a sort-of swan song

don't ask me to explain it,
I'm an enormous Johnson

Great now they are going to miss the annual Chicken dance.

What part of the chicken is the "nuggets" any way?

"chicken coup" hahahaha!

D'ramp'art, The first Cluck-U place opened up at Rutgers while I was there. *coughgeezercough*

Leetie's Clucker first got opened up while she was at Rutgers! Pass it on!


If all over the Net you have looked
To see how 'Chicken Sangoma' is cooked
Hint: It starts with a spark
Then you think 'Joan of Arc'
(but seats near the stake are all booked).

Less Afraid:

Have some Matzoh!

Yay for me! My first "image" link!!!!

insom - excellent! as usual!

D'Art - Cluck U! :)

I'm gonna rip the skins off the chicken from KFC, eat 'em, then lock myself in the bathroom for the next two hours having problems on the can because let's face it--the skins are the best part.

Shaken Mabunda would be another great name for a rock group

Shaken Mabunda=A BAD HAM SUNKEN

I didn't know chickens had colorful, traditional outfits.

Lisa- Bright Blessings for posting Beltane!!!

"Every black person knows that if an animal used for witchcraft is killed, then the owner of that animal dies magically," he explained."

I'm callin' Whoopie Goldberg RIGHT NOW!

Karen(the fake chicken fancier): Ok, fork it over...I got the silly thing on the Dave Barry blog. I still don't think anyone is stooopid enough to believe someone wants to dedicate a day to the preservation of those foul (not fowl) creatures. They're stooopid, smelly and only of any use when they're dead.

Dave(at Texas Beef Producers, not our Dave): Never over-estimate the iq of a tree hugger darlin. That should divert some of those chicken chompers to a burger joint, right quick.

Here's you money little filly. And that ain't no chicken feed...........Mwhahahaha

Clearly those South Africans need an eggsorsist.

(my friend thought of this, but you don't know him)

Old joke/riddle -- Often in a conversation, someone will ask, "Why don't you ..." and the tag line is usually something inane/stupid/awful/undesirable ...

Standard answer:

Why don't chickens pee?

Answer A: They do ... in a sh!tty way ...

Answer B: Because they eat with their pecker ...

(Climbs back aboard geezer bus, drives away and does not stop at KFC.)

Mr. Language Technicality Guy will point out that there may be a possible small and minor error in usage/spelling/pronunciation above.

i.e.: Chicken Coup.

This word should have a silent "p" at the end. Perhaps it should be Chicken Coupe ... (although it is possible that the monolingual MLTG is in error) ... the "e" is silent, just as the final three letters are in the following example: U.S. Army Corpse of Engineers.

So, Table and Leaflet are verbs now. What next, chicken?

I want you to hold it between your knees!

Jenny/Hub --

Next time you go to the museum in Salem, say hello to my ancestor that was hanged as a witch ...

(Susannah North Martin)

I noticed in the Frank Perdue p.r. item that the company was founded a year before Frank was born ...

Sondra - If you return here, your virtual tour of Brugge on yesterday's thread, which I just saw was indeed, beautiful.
However, I was referring to a sandwich famous in Amsterdam that I may have misspelled, but is pronounced "Bruggie" - they're famous and awful, quite an accomplishment!

Eleanor misspells things? Nooo, never!

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