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April 15, 2005


Put your hands together for: The Toxic Newts.


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Yes, put your hands together, behind your backs away from the toad. Hmmm...can you touch your elbows together, too? *thwack* What?

'Newt' is a word that works on so many levels. Just calling someone a newt is a pretty good insult.

50,000 mice or 10 people? That's a newt to be reckoned with.

Someone should send one of these to parents who actually named their child 'Newt'.

The USU researchers found one newt carries enough neurotoxins of the same type found in Japanese puffer fish to kill 50,000 mice or 10 people.

"The first 20,000 were pretty tough, but then we got into a good rhythm, and the rest went pretty fast. But the 10 people figure isn't too accurate. We used a lot more on this one guy we really didn't like. It's probably more like 15,but who's count-" *thud* "Oh, wait, I meant 16."

"The elder Brodie, father of the Edmund Brodie III..."
The issue here is one of Nepotism and when is the University gonna put a stop to it.

And, are these "Brodies" any relation to the infamous Steve Brodie of Brooklyn Bridge Fame?

So how tough are these snakes that eat these tiny toxic terrors? Pepperoni pizza and beer give me heartburn, I do know that.

Do snakes have hearts to burn?

I thought we got rid of our toxic Newt when he retired from the House.

No, sleyes,
That Toxic Newt is making the rounds on the talk show circuit. So we need an immune Garter Snake(Michael Moore perhaps) to track him down.

wasnt newt toxic as speaker of the house?

pizza gives me heartburn too. i prefer the italian word - agita. it sounds much less geezer-like.

"When the toxin attaches to a protein, sodium can't move in and out and the muscle is paralyzed."

I hate it when that happens.

She turned me into a newt! ..
well ... I got better.

Igloo- absolutely brilliant.

Can you see the Celebrity Deathmatch now? Newt vs. Garter Snake M.M.- yeeeeeeahhh baby!!! Go Snake-man, thwart those toxins, YEAH!!

"How many times has this elevated level of resistance evolved ?"

Every time.

M/PA -

Watchu mean, What?

That gag was old when I was an eighth grader -- you deserved a thwack for having such a geezer memory ...

(It musta been eighth grade ... I don't remember my classmates having much in the ramparts division in seventh grade ... and I would've noticed ...

SO -- USU, huh? I think that's the same outfit that was experimenting a number of years ago -- (I wrote a feature story, and in the research, this factoid was mentioned) --

They hired some trappers to live-trap (capture) skunks, so they could be neutered (castrated or spayed, to those of ewe with nervous GI tracts) and then released back into the wild, in an effort to control the population and thereby reduce the incidence of rabies, in skunks and all across the country ...

Sounds to me as if their "research" is still moving along in the same really significant and important channels ...

Okay, I used some shortcuts in the above USU story ... the "researcher" was working on an advanced degree, that (above) was the thesis statement, and he/she/it was seeking the degree at USU, therefore, some of the funding must've somehow filtered thru the auspices of USU ...

Was that better? Or shoud I have skipped it?

(No need to respond ... I know the answer ...)

Damn! Got here too late to get a Newt Gingrich comment in and still be original.

Someone should send one of these to parents who actually named their child 'Newt'.

Nashif argues that little — if any — discrimination occurs against gays and lesbians in Oregon.

OK, I think we can safley disreguard anything this man says as utter tripe.

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