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April 21, 2005





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Thanks Dave,
I was hoping for a restful night of sleep tonight but i guess being curled up in a ball in the corner of my room sucking my thumb is just as rewarding.


It is possible I'm wrong, but this insinuation article may be contrary to the benedictine moral principles underlying this blog.

Where's a hedgeclipper when you need one?

Dave: Yes.

I'd comment more but right now I have to go get a haircut.

who is he?

I am leaning more towards a weedwhacker than hedgeclippers.

Bangi - He's most likely the next U.S. ambassador to the U.N. -- except that he really doesn't like the U.N. . . . and from his confirmation hearing testimony in the U. S. Senate, no one else either.

Glad I'm not a foreign country.

Bangi - ignore my post. :) I was just kidding.. yeah, thats it.

*hides her face in shame and runs from the blog*

Just the lower one.

Bangi: that's John Bolton on the bottom, the man Bush wants to appoint to be the US representative to the United Nations even though he has publically disparaged that institution, and allegedly has mistreated some people he worked with to boot.

I'm sure that political cartoonists are praying he gets the job though.

Troubling? Not really. Bolton should be perfect for that bunch at the U.N. We need an attack dog to keep Kofi Annan from forcing his warped world view on us (as in US).

Quote for the day: I work every day because millions of deadbeats depend on me for a handout.

Gee Dave, I guess we all have different ideas of what we would find troubling

John Bolton has an UNBELIEVABLY large Johnson?

I knew I was Republican for a reason! :)

*grins, hugs Jeff Meyerson, ducks*

Christobol - now about 2:30 a.m., in the middle of a blizzard, miles from the nearest town, after the worm has been drained from the bottle....that dog just might hunt.


Photo editors are our fiends!

Bangi: To add to MJK's post, the guy on the top is Willy Parts-is-parts, and he has a 148 pound johnson.

PS. You will never see a photo of him standing

there is only ONE person qualified to deal with the group of crackpots known as the "UN", and that person is DAVE BARRY!

elle - if he does, I think he must be tucking.

Brat - your standards are very high. Already, four requests for his number have poured in to my email, and two of them did not appear to have come from a crack house.

Dufus, what a kidder! What a name!

I don't understand the problems with John Bolton's nomination. Given how John Bolton would work closely with Secretary General Kofi Annan, and given the growing political stature of John Bolton, the Ghanaian would have a huge John on hand.

The first thing I thought of when I saw both of the original pictures was this.

Not sure why, exactly. Or what it means.


" allegedly has mistreated some people he worked with to boot."

That would disqualify about 90% of the bosses in the real world!

The UN needs a kick in the butt, especially after the genocide they've allowed, the rapes that their "troops" have committed in third world countries, and the massive corruption in that institution. Bolton's the guy to do it.

Anyway, back to the pictures...

I think they both have caterpillers under their noses.

Call me a liberal radical, but maybe the UN would benefit from the US paying it the funds we've pledged?...Nah....how about the $ we pledged to AIDS relief in Africa??? Nah...Fully funding NLLB? Nah...More tax breaks for rich folks and corporations!!!

He threw a stapler at one of his female staffers.

That is all.

Carry on.

John Bolton is a 148 pound johnson.

Yes, C-bol -

but how many of the requests were from the frequenters of this blog?

Well Josh, I can't be completeley certain, but it was probably only around 125%, give or take.

This thread is exactly why I don't let people take pix of my moustache ... jealousy, jealousy, jealousy ...

scat: Why would Dave have to wear anything to be our rep to the UN?

I always find John Bolton disturbing. Michael Bolton, too.

So does this Bolton have a reputation for cleaning up the scumliness of the institutions he is a member of?

throwing staplers can't be all that effective.

As a Canadian I thought all our friends in the south (ladies excepted of course) had 148 lb johnsons as to the U N Sirhan Sirhan....
Butros Butros yus up???????????

As a Canadian I thought all our friends in the south (ladies excepted of course) had 148 lb johnsons as to the U N Sirhan Sirhan....
Butros Butros yus up???????????

If the republicans ever pulled a pile of 40 wt off of home plate than we finish this circus now and take a tar-pitch slammin louis slugger to their all
swelling drop the old grand party drawers .... demanding bolten for these clowns to rectum eyes the people into paying for their sorry asses while middle class struggle beating the hell out of their freakin kids' enough its f-n enough stop this hide the debt stink into innocent kids for the fat asses on capitol hill because the want to see ten year olds get life and cheer that in-bred daughter 's come by LOT and all for the family cheer INCEST pickin giggle retarded conserve a
pro liferation but shove a death sentence down some christian born again loving mother from TEXAS. WAKE THE HELL UP!!!!

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