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April 14, 2005


Sometimes, it is just for guys.

(Thanks to Drew Harchick)


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woo hoo.

I admit it. No comment. Only doing this to get a First.

Beaten by El, who had not much to say either.

What can you say about that, sandy? Although I feel that the real world record ought to be how fast four people can finish an entire keg of beer. If anyone dies during the attempt, the attempt doesn't count. Turning yellow from liver failure, however, will be permitted.

Alternate topic: Sometimes, it is just four guys.

Oh. My. Lord. I have found Eden-- and it just a few hops, sips and a pump away.

Wow, this guy can make drinking beer a boring topic.

Why is it that I think they are not using Belgian ale here?

"Shall we drink crappy beer?"
"Yes we shall!"
"How can we make sure we drink a lot of crappy beer quickly?"
"Glad you asked..."

Men.....strong on how, weak on why.

ah, men.

This looks like some kinda beer centrifuge. You know, a device you'd use to separate beer atoms, or something.

This is just another example of the kind of thing that happens when guys can't get dates.

well, this delivery method pretty much wrecks the flavor of the beer anyway, so why bother starting with something good?


I mean, WOW.

Yes, spending that much time and effort to create a binge-drinking assistance device is stupid on many levels, but WOW.

On a "guyness" scale of 1-10, that engineer scores an 11.

now if it only was connected to a satellite dish which locked out all programming (that's right Lifetime Network, I'm talkin' to you) except sports & porn (& maybe porn sports) THEN you'd have true guy nirvana.

So, what happens when the Idaho delivery system meets up with the Michigan Nagging House? This would put the "Men are from Mars(idaho), Women are from Venus(Michigan)', into a whole new perspective.

And to think, I just DRINK beer right out of the bottle.

sankey Keg?

OK, I'll admit I've been away for awhile, but I don't recognize that phraseology ...

Just remember - you never really own beer, you only rent it. And since they're all guys, and these are outdoor pictures, well, I feel sorry for the local trees and shrubs.

What damage? No, we don't own a dog...

Call me old fashioned (I'm in my early fifties ) but for me bongs will always be just for marijuana.

Wow, I sent this link to my friend Trevor... and he was THERE for the first trial of this thing!

Small world...

LushB - hilarious

What happens if I drinking too much beer? Can I give it back?

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